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Podium in Cologne

I recovered much faster from Ostseeman than expected. Therefor I decided just 10 days before the race to do the German Iron Distance Champs in Cologne only 4 weeks after my victory in Glücksburg. It turned out to be the best decission I made in that week :-) !

It was a wonderfull weekend with my team mates Diana, Georg, Per and our coach/supporter/man for everything Jo Spindler.

Now about one week after the race I sit in front of my PC with some head ache and a nice little cold and try to type a race report. Not that easy when the thoughts vanish before I´m able to write them down…

One could say we had kind of a teamTBB Germany Familymeeting in Cologne, since all the german members of the team showed up there. Georg Diana and me did live in the same apartement in Leysin training camp. It was really nice to see both of them again after some weeks and when you feel good it´s easyer to push yourself to the limits in a competition.

Therefore I´m not going to give a boring detailed race report this time. Once again I learned some lessons for the future. The most important is as easy as: the race is over at the finish line! I had a really hard time from km 17 to 28 in the marathon and was just before quiting the race (which would have been my first DNF) since I was dizzy and feelt nausea. After thinking about the reasons I realized that the aid stations were very close to each other. Actually nearly every km and I just had to much nutrition in my stomach! After I droped some aid stations I feelt so much better and I made my way to the podium in the german iron distance champs with the fastest run split of the day on a wonderful weekend in cologne! Thank´s so much!

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