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Time goes by… so fast.

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

It feels like I just arrived at the Island of Gran Canaria for my first training camp of the season. But 16 Days are already over now! I had 2,5 weeks of very solid and hard Training with, believe it or not, 19000 meters of elevation!!! The training on this Island is just awesome effective, because it is simply not possible to ride flat! The steepest ascends are about 15-20%. With a 11-23 cassette it was quite hard during the first days, but I got used to it and got a strength at the bike that has never before been there! I think I have never been stronger on the bike actually. During the last week the wind really picked up and was about at storm strength. Fortunately it was much calmer in the southern part of the island because of the lee of the mountains. Since I strained my tight last Saturday, I could just swim and bike my last days in camp. It is already much better now and I hope to start running again tomorrow. In the next 2 weeks at home the training will consist of a lot of swimming. And then I hope that the winter is over in northern Germany. Otherwise I will head for a second camp to Gran Canaria. I´ll also start to race soon again, since I feel fit enough to do so. Not sure jet which race, but there are plenty of races coming soon!

Gran Canaria Training Camp

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

After I had some weeks off after Ironman Arizona, which I mostly spend with my family, I started to built into the training again. The conditions were great at home in Rostock all winter long, so far. It has been between 5 °C and 10 °C all December and most of January. But last week it suddenly started to get really cold. That was about the right time to leave the sinking ship and take a flight somewhere warmer. Team TBB has been training on the Island of Gran Canaria all winter long. So I booked my flight and here I am now. I arrived on Monday and it has been 22-24° and sunny every day. Just perfect conditions to collect some miles on the bike in the middle of the European winter. The island is much greener than the most popular training Islands Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, but for sure as windy and anything but flat. Since I like statistics: just in the first 4 days I had more than 5500m of elevation, which is about the same I had in camp in Switzerland in the first week! Some champions already have been made here. Natascha Badman prepared for all of her Hawaii wins here and we´ve seen Fabian Cancelara the other day. So it´s just perfect for team TBB training! I´m looking forward to some more weeks of excellent training on Gran Canaria and hopefully the ice age is over in Germany when I´m flying back home ;-) . Some pictures coming soon.