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Ironman 70.3 Haugesund – I love Norway!

Monday, July 16th, 2012

I posted some pictures from my trip to Norway yesterday. Norway is my favourite country. I think all in all I spend more than two years in that wonderful country. And my Norwegian is a lot better than my poor English ;-) . Therefore I was so happy that I finally could visit the country for an Ironman 70.3 race!

70.3 Haugesund was the first WTC event on Scandinavian soil and I was a little bit curious how they managed to organize the race in a relative short period of time (starting in November). But my expectations were definitely exceeded. Already the first time event was perfectly organized! And what might be even more important is the feeling that it already was a race with a soul, created by uncountable extremely motivated volunteers and the race directors who had that dream of an Ironman race in Norway and have now created one of the most beautiful races in the world!

The Norwegian crowd was simply unbelievable! Taking into account that Haugesund is a small town, every single person living there must have been cheering at the side of the bike and run course.

The bike course is that beautiful that you have to remind yourself that it’s a race almost all the time ;-) . Maybe that was the reason why I lost a bit too much on the bike to catch the last spot on the podium? At least I´m very happy with my run, I had the second fastest run split behind the winner Fillp Ospaly. I ran the on-running Cloudracer for the first time and it was a great feeling during the run. 1:15 on a slightly hilly course is also my new personal best! I think it was also the first time I finished a 70.3 race under 4 hrs.

Just a little note to the Norwegian at the end: a Bike course with 753m of elevation could at least be called a slightly hilly bike course and not a flat one ;-) .

Norway means heartily people, fjords, mountains, the open sea, wide forests and now Ironman 70.3 Haugesund.

Ironman 70.3 Norway

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

I arrived back home yesterday from Ironman 70.3 Norway. It was a wonderful race in a wonderful landscape. Here are some pictures mostly from the 2 days after the race ;-) . I have not got any pictures from the race yet. Full race report will follow tomorrow!