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My cologne226 set-up

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

My Jo Spindler fitted Cervelo P4 (in Thebikeboutique Bad Tölz) with Campagnolo record groupset, Campa wheels and 3T Ventus aerobar and Cobb Saddle and Cratoni helmet for a super fast Bike split on the flat course.

2XU V:2 Wettsuit for a fast swim.

The On-Running shoes to take the victory :-) ! Hopefully ;-) ?

And last but not least to get the nutrition right some ignite naturals products:

Looking forward to race Cologne226 (3,8-180-42,2) this weekend!!!

Fascination Ironman – the day after the race from my wifes point of view

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

The day after an iron distance triathlon is kind of weird. I feel like I am able to move mountains. Like I could achieve everything I want in my life. Like I could change the world. I feel very calm, almost easygoing. Kind of unburdened. Everything seemes to be perfect. But why?

I have not done this iron distance triathlon. I did not swim, bike and run. I had the same feeling after the german iron distance championchips in cologne last year. And now this feeling is back after the Ostseeman triathlon. I have been present from 3:40 in the morning until the end of the awards ceremony at 30 past midnight. Is this the reason? That I have been as tired in the morning? Sleept as bad during the night? That I stood freezing and nervous in the transition zone in the morning as well? That I took times, cheered for all the athletes? Stood there in every loop, waited, shouted time differences at him, gave him gels? That I jittered of excitement until he finally finished the race? That I welcomed the last athletes at the finish line in the evening with him and enjoied the awards ceremony late at night after the race?


But I think there are other reasons.

While waiting beside the course I heared storys about people that were doing there first triathlon

here in Glücksburg! Which effort they put into their goal during the last 365 days. But for excample left the race at the first buoy because of a panic attac. She sat there crying because her dream ended so soon. I saw overwhelming emotions of family members supporting there athletes with funny phrases and encourageing words. How they, like me, ran on adrenaline. How they did hope and tremble for there athletes and suffered with them. Like me.

I saw people moving mountains all day long. How they exceed there limits. How they suffer. But also how happy and proud they are. I think these reasons, these efforts of a lot of different people makes me belive that I can achieve any goal in my life. This is it what I love so much about this amazing sport. What the fascination triathlon is all about! I would like to thank all of the athletes of the Ostseeman triathlon, their familly members, friends and of course the race director Reinhard Husen and his great team for this great feeling. Thank you.

TV race report Ostseeman Triathlon

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012