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Some days in Norway « Christian Nitschke's Blog


Some days in Norway

After my victory in Cologne I spend some time with my Family in Norway to recover a little bit from the recent races.

We had some very relaxing days, moving our bodies as less as possible. I tried to fish some trouts but was not very successful (lost 3 lures and had not one single bite). We picked 10kg of cowberrys, which are very delicious in combination with all kinds of meat, and about 4l of blueberrys. I love blueberrys!

I gained 3-4 kg in 10 days ;-) . That’s for sure a new personal record too!

My car did not like the Norwegian dirt roads. Probably the roads where designed mainly for quads and that stuff of cars and not for a Ford Focus…

I ripped of the bottom panel, punctured a wheel and the shock absorbers and some other parts need some repairs. Hope it´s not going to get to expensive…

But when you want to be at calm places you need to go to hardly accessible places ;-) . Since my Childs are still too young to walk long distances, this was the method of choice.

I got the opportunity to help a friend training his sledge dogs. That was really amazing! The unbelievable power of the dogs stunned me! Since there was still no snow (but already late autumn with frost nights) he trained his dogs by hanging a 700kg quad bike behind 15 dogs and they just pulled it away like there was no resistance at all. Even the brakes of the quad need to be renewed every now and than!

These animals are in many aspects quite comparable to triathletes, eager to run/train as much as possible. Even the training is comparable in many aspects. Sometimes the sessions are short sometimes long, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

It was very inspiring to see these dogs. To run or to pull something somewhere meant everything to them.

Now it is time to restart the engines for me and prepare for some races in the close future :-) !

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