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My favorite mountain bike trail « Christian Nitschke's Blog


My favorite mountain bike trail

You can’t deny any more, that it’s autumn in Germany now. The leaves are falling. The temperature is dropping below 0°C sometimes allready and the wind has really picked up. At this time of the year it´s not very cozy to ride on a road bike on wet and dirty roads. Since I´m going to stay at home at least until christmas I have to accept the conditions as they are and make the best out of it. Therefor it is just the right time to make some changes in the dayli workout. I am having some more sessions in the pool and a lot of runs too. Instead of sitting on the turbo inside all winter long I do some bike sessions on the mountain bike. The area around Rostock is quite flat but there are still some nice trails for running and to ride a mountain bike. Its a fantastic change of the position compared to the road bike and it feels much warmer in the forest than out on the roads.

I filmed my favorite mountain bike trail last week. The first part (0:00 – 3:09) is just the trail to the loop I use to ride. Its a 8 to 10 minutes loop, depending on the conditions. The first part (until 5:30) is a not very technical downhill (my skills are not realy good…) followed by a short and steep uphill (5:30-6:20) section and a short and more technical downhill afterwards (until 6:40). The rest of the loop is a uphill passage that gets steeper and steeper. I think the last part is about 20 % and for me almost impossible to ride when its wet.

Yesterday I was riding that loop and had a flat tire. I had a spare tube and everything needed to fix it. Unfortunately I did not think about that the wheels on my MTB don´t have a quick release…

Finally I ended up in a not planed brick session since I had to run home the entire 15K with my bike. It reminded me somehow on Haile Gebreselassi who ran to school with his books under his arm as he was a school kid :-) .

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