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The trick – by Elisabeth Nitschke

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

It is lousy cold outside. Just above 0°C. It starts to rain. After some minutes wet snow mixed with ice cold rain is pouring down and the wind, which never really stops in this region, is blowing strong from the west or cold from the east. Our child is asking: “Daddy, why are you always running in the dark?” Christian tries if possible to keep the afternoon free of training to spend some time with his kids. To read a book, play with the ball, go cycling outside, paint or just to romp in the children’s room. At 6 pm its time for our children to have their dinner and go to bed afterwards. Now its time for Christian to go out for a run. Which is not that easy at times. And sometimes inner temptation is huge to do more nice stuff than a self sacrificing run in the shit weather…  But I have got a well working gimmick. Turn on the PC and click at the link below. It always works ;-) . Sometimes I get the answer: “Originally I intend to run easy.” But he´s off for a run within minutes ;-) .