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Past few weeks

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

The past 5 weeks just went by so fast. Incredible, how time goes by so fast. My last blog was about the late winter here in northern Germany. In the first half of April we went from complete snow cover to 20°C and sun within just 10 days! The weather was just perfect during the last 4 weeks with very little rain. Perfect conditions to collect a lot of K´s on the bike. Unfortunately I was forced to do most of my training in the beginning of April on the bike or in the pool, due to some foot issues. It appeared to be an inflammation in the arch of the left foot, which did hurt a lot while running. I had some help of a good physio-therapist (Physio Therapie Ulrike Holz) and my loved ON-cloudsurfer and could overcome that injury within less than 3 weeks.

And maybe it was just good to focus more on my weaker disciplines ;-) . Surprisingly my run is now within 3 weeks of solid run training better than ever before. I did a duathlon (9,7-62-9,6) race two weeks ago. A race nearby, which I use almost every year to get some race kilometers into the legs before the season starts. In both runs I was about one minute faster than last year, which was a little surprise for me. I could test my new race kit in that race as well and can truly say that it is the best I have ever had. The race suit is perfectly thought through with a front zip, little pockets and the tight part is extremely comfortable!

You can have a look at it in this Video:


Last weekend, in a half marathon race, I could set a new personal best of 1:13 on a course that was not flat at all and in most parts off-road and sometimes difficult to run due to cobblestone and sand. Conclusion: sometimes it seems to be good to have a little break in one discipline to get faster?!

No shame to finish a run behind this guy ;-)

Or is this the effect of the new ON-cloudracer?! Or the Ignite Nutrition?! Probably a little bit of everything. By the way, my hair is shorter now. Just for aerodynamic rasons of course :-) !

The first real test will be Ironman 70.3 Mallorca this weekend. That race is going to be another hard training day for my preparation for Ironman Nice in 6 weeks time.