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Sick and now?

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

The last two weeks have not been very pleasant for me. I recovered well and fast from Ironman 70.3 Mallorca and had some nice days of training on the island after the race. Right after I got home again I got a cold. By the way the first since last august, which for sure is a result of the great ignite nutrition! I thought it´s just a normal cold and that it will just take some days to get back to normal again. In the beginning it also seemed so. I got better after 2-3 days. The symptoms where almost away and I felt more or less normal and did some easy training. But suddenly after I thought I´m back at 100 % I got fever. I had that fever the entire last week nothing seemed to help. I felt more and more desperate knowing that every day without training will cost me at least half a week to get back again… Last Thursday the doctor decided to try some antibiotics which finally helped. I feel much better now. No fever any more but still weak after two weeks of almost no training. I can gradually start again now.

It also meant that I had to cancel all races that where planed until July. That means also that I will not race Ironman Nice which was planned to be my first season highlight this year. It was really hard to make that decision. I had that race in my mind during every training session for more than half a year now. It was my motivation. And even now after the decision has been made I find myself still thinking about Nice. But it is how it is. It is simply a part of the sport that little things can destroy half a season. Every Pro athlete knows that and has to live with it.

I hope to get back into training now as good as possible. At least there are lots of great races around the globe that are good alternatives! My next race will be Ironman 70.3 Haugesund on July 7th. If I can improve my result from last year it would be my first 70.3 Podium. That sounds like a good motivation :-) !