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Some days in Norway

September 26th, 2012 by Christian Nitschke

After my victory in Cologne I spend some time with my Family in Norway to recover a little bit from the recent races.

We had some very relaxing days, moving our bodies as less as possible. I tried to fish some trouts but was not very successful (lost 3 lures and had not one single bite). We picked 10kg of cowberrys, which are very delicious in combination with all kinds of meat, and about 4l of blueberrys. I love blueberrys!

I gained 3-4 kg in 10 days ;-) . That’s for sure a new personal record too!

My car did not like the Norwegian dirt roads. Probably the roads where designed mainly for quads and that stuff of cars and not for a Ford Focus…

I ripped of the bottom panel, punctured a wheel and the shock absorbers and some other parts need some repairs. Hope it´s not going to get to expensive…

But when you want to be at calm places you need to go to hardly accessible places ;-) . Since my Childs are still too young to walk long distances, this was the method of choice.

I got the opportunity to help a friend training his sledge dogs. That was really amazing! The unbelievable power of the dogs stunned me! Since there was still no snow (but already late autumn with frost nights) he trained his dogs by hanging a 700kg quad bike behind 15 dogs and they just pulled it away like there was no resistance at all. Even the brakes of the quad need to be renewed every now and than!

These animals are in many aspects quite comparable to triathletes, eager to run/train as much as possible. Even the training is comparable in many aspects. Sometimes the sessions are short sometimes long, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

It was very inspiring to see these dogs. To run or to pull something somewhere meant everything to them.

Now it is time to restart the engines for me and prepare for some races in the close future :-) !

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Cologne 226 – triahlon in a megacity

September 8th, 2012 by Christian Nitschke

Basically an Iron distance race is a long issue.

This time I am going to make my race report short and simple (simply faster):


  • with my 2XU V:2 – Wettsuit
  • great first half and lonely and powerless secound half

1st Transition:

  • I need to practise the transition a little bit more often


  • with my Cervelo P4, Campa compounds, 3T Aerobar, Cobb Saddle, Ignite Naturals nutrition and Cratoni Helmet
  • it was damn cold, took some time to thaw ;-) , some stiff muscles but close to the lead all the time

Secound Transition:

- oh boy how I messed up this one…


  • with On-Running shoes and Ignite nutrition
  • at the end of the first loop I took the lead
  • maintained the lead in the secound loop
  • enjoyed the amazing crowd on the last loop
  • love racing in a megacity ;-)

Secound win within 4 weeks!

Where is the „like“ button?

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My cologne226 set-up

August 30th, 2012 by Christian Nitschke

My Jo Spindler fitted Cervelo P4 (in Thebikeboutique Bad Tölz) with Campagnolo record groupset, Campa wheels and 3T Ventus aerobar and Cobb Saddle and Cratoni helmet for a super fast Bike split on the flat course.

2XU V:2 Wettsuit for a fast swim.

The On-Running shoes to take the victory :-) ! Hopefully ;-) ?

And last but not least to get the nutrition right some ignite naturals products:

Looking forward to race Cologne226 (3,8-180-42,2) this weekend!!!

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Fascination Ironman – the day after the race from my wifes point of view

August 8th, 2012 by Christian Nitschke

The day after an iron distance triathlon is kind of weird. I feel like I am able to move mountains. Like I could achieve everything I want in my life. Like I could change the world. I feel very calm, almost easygoing. Kind of unburdened. Everything seemes to be perfect. But why?

I have not done this iron distance triathlon. I did not swim, bike and run. I had the same feeling after the german iron distance championchips in cologne last year. And now this feeling is back after the Ostseeman triathlon. I have been present from 3:40 in the morning until the end of the awards ceremony at 30 past midnight. Is this the reason? That I have been as tired in the morning? Sleept as bad during the night? That I stood freezing and nervous in the transition zone in the morning as well? That I took times, cheered for all the athletes? Stood there in every loop, waited, shouted time differences at him, gave him gels? That I jittered of excitement until he finally finished the race? That I welcomed the last athletes at the finish line in the evening with him and enjoied the awards ceremony late at night after the race?


But I think there are other reasons.

While waiting beside the course I heared storys about people that were doing there first triathlon

here in Glücksburg! Which effort they put into their goal during the last 365 days. But for excample left the race at the first buoy because of a panic attac. She sat there crying because her dream ended so soon. I saw overwhelming emotions of family members supporting there athletes with funny phrases and encourageing words. How they, like me, ran on adrenaline. How they did hope and tremble for there athletes and suffered with them. Like me.

I saw people moving mountains all day long. How they exceed there limits. How they suffer. But also how happy and proud they are. I think these reasons, these efforts of a lot of different people makes me belive that I can achieve any goal in my life. This is it what I love so much about this amazing sport. What the fascination triathlon is all about! I would like to thank all of the athletes of the Ostseeman triathlon, their familly members, friends and of course the race director Reinhard Husen and his great team for this great feeling. Thank you.

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TV race report Ostseeman Triathlon

August 7th, 2012 by Christian Nitschke


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Ironman 70.3 Haugesund – I love Norway!

July 16th, 2012 by Christian Nitschke

I posted some pictures from my trip to Norway yesterday. Norway is my favourite country. I think all in all I spend more than two years in that wonderful country. And my Norwegian is a lot better than my poor English ;-) . Therefore I was so happy that I finally could visit the country for an Ironman 70.3 race!

70.3 Haugesund was the first WTC event on Scandinavian soil and I was a little bit curious how they managed to organize the race in a relative short period of time (starting in November). But my expectations were definitely exceeded. Already the first time event was perfectly organized! And what might be even more important is the feeling that it already was a race with a soul, created by uncountable extremely motivated volunteers and the race directors who had that dream of an Ironman race in Norway and have now created one of the most beautiful races in the world!

The Norwegian crowd was simply unbelievable! Taking into account that Haugesund is a small town, every single person living there must have been cheering at the side of the bike and run course.

The bike course is that beautiful that you have to remind yourself that it’s a race almost all the time ;-) . Maybe that was the reason why I lost a bit too much on the bike to catch the last spot on the podium? At least I´m very happy with my run, I had the second fastest run split behind the winner Fillp Ospaly. I ran the on-running Cloudracer for the first time and it was a great feeling during the run. 1:15 on a slightly hilly course is also my new personal best! I think it was also the first time I finished a 70.3 race under 4 hrs.

Just a little note to the Norwegian at the end: a Bike course with 753m of elevation could at least be called a slightly hilly bike course and not a flat one ;-) .

Norway means heartily people, fjords, mountains, the open sea, wide forests and now Ironman 70.3 Haugesund.

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Ironman 70.3 Norway

July 15th, 2012 by Christian Nitschke

I arrived back home yesterday from Ironman 70.3 Norway. It was a wonderful race in a wonderful landscape. Here are some pictures mostly from the 2 days after the race ;-) . I have not got any pictures from the race yet. Full race report will follow tomorrow!

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Green Hell Triathlon

June 26th, 2012 by Christian Nitschke

Sunday I was racing the inaugural Green Hell Triathlon. It is definitely a race that is worth to be called “epic”. In addition to the 2550 m of elevation during 99 km on the bike and 400m in the half marathon the conditions were really hard with just 15°C and heavy winds. Green Hell Triathlon is a very special race with the bike course taking place on the “Nordschleife” which is kind of the most popular motor sport racetrack in Germany. There was a race on Saturday and the noise and speed of the cars was really crazy! Thousands of spectators came to the track and every second seemed to drive a Porsche, Maserati, Lamborgini, Ferarri or something related. Everyone of them seemed to be a wannabe race car driver which made my easy 1hr pre race loop on the bike really, lets say “exciting”, because bikes on the road seemed to be strange for them.

On race day I had a good start in the water, thanks to my 2XU wetsuit, and lost just 3min on Per and less than one minute on another little group of favorites. I started the bike course quite conservative because I was not sure how my climbing skills are. I rode the three loops on the racetrack with exactly the same time (+/- 10 sec) and found myself in second position just 30 sec down on Clemens Coenen in transition two. All of the others did slow down significant at the end ;-) .

The motorcyclist with the camera guy accompanied me during one descent and told me afterwards that I rode 108 km/hr in that downhill… That was definitely a not needed information because it was in my first loop and I had to do that downhill 2 more times!

The half marathon was unbelievable hard after such a bike ride. I was running side by side with Per from km 2 to km 6 and had to stop suddenly because of some really nasty cramps. The second half of the run was affected by the fact that I ran totally out of energy. But I think a 1:18 HM with 400m of elevation is still not to bad. I´m happy to have finished the hardest half distance race in the world in second place just 90 sec behind Per who fought strong for another impressive win! Congrats to Per!

The race was perfectly organized and there were always people with flags who showed the dangerous parts of the downhill sections. Also the feeling of riding on a racetrack was awesome. It was built for speed and you can feel that in the downhill serpentines! Especially on a cervelo bike which is also built for speed! I found a nice video on youtube from a porsche gt driver who rode the 20,8km loop under 8 min (with a maximum speed of 280km/hr…)! I needed 30 more minutes on the bike ;-) . The first 1:50 of the video is the formular 1 racetrack which was our run loop. It was quite helpful to watch this video to get an impression of the race track since it is normally closed for cyclists.

Now I look forward to Ironman 70.3 Haugesund on July 8th!

500 hp are kind of helpfull on that loop ;-)

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Coffee at work ;-).

June 13th, 2012 by Christian Nitschke

I was running my favorite trail yesterday and started to think about a little anecdote from last year. Now, with a little distance it is quite funny, but at that hot summer day in august I was not sure if I´m going to survive ;-) . Here it is:

I have been drinking black tea for almost my entire life, since my parents did and most of my friends too. I think I was one of these hard core tea drinkers who could not imagine to turn to the dark side and start to drink coffee. It smelled bad and tasted bad and so on…

But one day, when I had a 2 week almost non-stop learning session for my final master exams, (I was not the type of student that started with that early, because I thought It was a waste of time and learning is much more effective with a lot of time pressure… besides: the short term memory is much more powerful then the long term ;-) ) I found out that it was much easier to cope with 3hrs sleep every night with the aid of COFFEE!

Some months later and still not used to coffee I decided to buy such a nice little Bialetti espresso machine for the hotplate. I´m not very glad in instruction manuals and filled it to the top with espresso coffee and drank it just before I went off for a long run session in the heat. After about 10km (the point of no return..) I began to feel dizzy and did not hear very well any longer, and started to hear things that could impossibly be there too… It got harder and harder to run straight and the pace was at about walking pace even though I was still running. As I passed the graveyard on my way back home I was just thinking to myself “damn this is not the right place for me, isn´t it???”. Fortunately I made it home after some nearly circulatory collapses and drank about 1liter of coke instantly, because my conclusion of the melt down was a low blood sugar… Finally after I felt even worse I realized that caffeine might be the reason… I read the manual and found out that it was a triple espresso I´ve been drinking. And as mentioned, I was not used to coffee at all… Sometimes there is an easy explanation for everything.

After all I got used to coffee and even like it now. Maybe it´s like alcohol, when you first try it, it tastes miserable, but you get used

to… :-)

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Lubmin Duthlon – first training race after surgery

May 2nd, 2012 by Christian Nitschke

I had two weeks of training after the little surgery 3 Weeks ago and we decided that it was time to get some serious kilometres on the bike in my legs. Fortunately there was a duathlon race not to far from my training base Rostock. Since I had a lot of hard an good run sessions but could not do the volume and the intensity on the bike the race plan was to take it easy during the first 10k run, hammer the bike as good as possible and loosen the legs a bit during the second run. The first run felt very good, not too hard, but I ended up in first position with a 33:40 run split. The biggest part of the run was on nice forest trails. Maybe it was not exactly 10k… The bike part was really nasty because of just 12°C and 50-60 km/hr wind. I tried to hammer the bike as hard as possible but was not able to average more than 40 km/hr. Maybe it was not too bad for the first hard bike session in the last few weeks. In the second transition after 56k on the bike I found myself still in first position and could cruise easily (34:50) to my first little victory of the year.

Conclusion from that race: run fitness is already quite good, but I definitely need some hard bike sessions during the next couple of weeks ;-) !

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