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Enjoying some down time! « Christie Sym's Blog


Enjoying some down time!

It’s now almost a month after my crash in Ironman New York, I’m back in my home town of Sydney and enjoying some down time from triathlon 24/7. My injuries have progressed well and rehab is well and truly underway, with our plan of “hurrying slowly”. Both Doc and Matty K have provided amazing support,  getting me back onto my feet and gradually progressing my revised training program. My mum, who you could say is pretty happy to have me home after over 2 years on the road, has been looking after me like only mum’s can.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of injuries, mostly the result of a crash (I used to be a XC mountain biker, crashing is part of the parcel), or illness. I think you learn something about yourself each time, and grow stronger as a result of each. It has been through the wise words of Brett that I have finally learnt that there is no point being impatient with an injury, or stressing over lost time. Every injury provides an opportunity to reassess and makes changes to better yourself as an athlete. In saying this, you can also do the opposite, and through impatience and frustration prolong or even worsen your situation.

So with this in mind I am taking the recovery time to catch up with friends, have some fun, and earn a little cash for next season. I have managed to maintain a fair amount of fitness through a revised program, starting simply with some walking, to the stage where I can now do a swim session with one arm, ride my indoor trainer, and enjoy some easy runs. I’ve rediscovered my reasons for racing, something I had lost sight of for a while there, and am enjoying each and every day for different reasons. I’ve found a new little coffee shop that opened up whilst I’ve been away, amazing coffee (and barista’s!) and revisited some of my favorite local spots that are just as I remembered them.

So whilst I am really looking forward to a new chapter of my life and triathlon career, I am also enjoying some time to stop and smell the roses before the hard work begins. Speaking of which, it’s time to test out mum’s new kitchen, we’ve got some baking to do!! If you’re lucky I might even share some recipes soon!

Enjoy every day, laugh, smile, and if your not happy, ask yourself why!?

Christie x

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