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Setbacks: We all face them at some time or another « Christie Sym's Blog


Setbacks: We all face them at some time or another

I feel it’s time to do a little update, as whilst others have been blogging about their latest race results or training camps, I have felt very little to contribute on this front. Then I had a think about it, and reminded myself that everyone gets injured at some stage in their life, and everyone struggles at some point along this road. So yes, I’m injured. No, I haven’t raced since my crash in Ironman New York in August, yes August 2012. Yes, there have been a lot of challenges, a lot of tears of frustration, moments of hope, moments of complete despair, enough scans of many types that I now feel almost qualified to read them myself, and a lot of appointments with some fantastic health professionals who have been the glue holding me together.
Whilst I won’t go into detail about my injury, let’s just leave it that my left foot has left me feeling like I’ve inherited a young, troublesome child who demands my attention every waking moment. It’s now been 3 months since I last ran, and approaching the same since riding my much loved bicycles. Heck I haven’t even been able to head out for a stroll to enjoy the fresh air, and it’s been 12 months since I took a pain free step. My saving grace has been the pool, where I have perfected the one legged flip turn and found escape from the demons that torment a chronically injured athlete. Here I am free, I can swim lap after lap until I am either so hungry or tired I must get out and face the fact that I still can’t walk on my left foot. I have developed a love of swimming, and have spent a lot of time working on what was previously my weakness when it came to swim, bike, run. I am well aware of how positive this is.
So in thinking about all of this, and pondering what exactly to write, I decided that I would share my perspective on dealing with disappointment through illness or injury. Hopefully at minimum I can share with others steps to take in dealing with setbacks, whether it be 2 weeks, 2 months, or a year.
Keep an eye out for my next blog, I’ll have it up in the next week, beginning with what I’ve personally learnt about listening to your body, and deciphering when a niggle is simply a niggle, and when it’s niggling at you to stop and listen! In the meantime if you’ve got any questions concerning dealing with a injuries or setbacks please be in touch, I’ll do my best to address them in my upcoming blogs.
Train hard but train smart.
Christie x

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