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Injuries suck, may as well be honest!

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

By now most in the triathlon world familiar with me are aware of the fact that I’m dealing with a pretty serious injury. I’ve shared snippets of it along the way, but to be honest have also hidden myself away from the sport that not too long ago was my world on a daily basis. Today, triathlon just feels like a sport I used to do, much like adventure racing, mountain biking, surf ski paddling, soccer, oh the list goes on. I remember loving roller coasters as a kid (in fact I still do), and clearly remember one day being allowed to stay on one particular roller coaster for a total of 17 rides (I was eventually kicked off when others decided it looked like a cool ride too!) Well this injury has taken me on one hell of a roller coaster ride, and an extremely long one at that, but this time I’ve wanted to get off at every opportunity, any opportunity.

To give you a quick run down on the facts:
- My foot started hurting (and I limping) late March 2012, 14 months ago
- My last race was August 11, 2012
- I continued to attempt running through the injury, despite severe pain during and after running (and eventually biking) up until October 2012
- The diagnosis was a plantar fascia tear at insertion to the heel (80% off the bone), stress reaction of the heel, plantar fasciitis and chronic inflammation throughout my entire foot and up through my ankle. Additionally I had neural impingement in my heel and ankle (a result of inflammation).
- I’ve been in a moon boot a total of 5 months, and on crutches a total of 10 weeks
- I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike, ran, or even walked further than about 500m in my boot.

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