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October 17th, 2011 by christinewaitz

Most of my friends know that I’m quite an early bird and right now it’s the time of year when training early is really awesome! Especially when weather is as great as it has been for the last weeks – we’ve had a fantastic Indian summer! Ok, I must admit it’s getting pretty chilly in the mornings now and I’ve started to put on at least one layer of winter clothes, but an autumn sunrise makes up for all of that. Also I love the fresh air and the smell of the harvested fields!

Since our outdoor pool has closed for winter I have to drive 30km to the nearest pool. Well, actually, I have to cycle because since I moved out of my parents house I don’t have a car anymore;) That’s when you learn to appreciate the nice warm weather…and (even more than usual) your training partners who come by to pick you up;)

Hope the weather stays like this for a while longer!
This afternoon I’ll go for a hilly ride with two friends. I’m looking forward to it and once again I realize how lucky I am to be able to do this job!

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July 17th, 2011 by christinewaitz

I haven’t been blogging for some time now as a lot of things have been going on lately. During the last few weeks a lot of things have changed!

I’ve finally finished my studies and for one week now I’ve been a full time triathlete – which is what I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time!!!
I really enjoyed this past week. It’s so much easier concentrating on training when there are not a bunch of other deadlines to meet.
Also I’m enjoying living in my own little apartment now, where I can have some peace and quiet when I want and need it or where I can sing all day long without anybody having to hear it.Smile

As you can see, requirements are perfect to get back into training and I really, really hope I’ll be fit and back racing soon!

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April 27th, 2011 by christinewaitz

The last few weeks have been a pretty exciting time for me: I finished the first round of exams, I’m back into full training and I moved into my own apartment.

I’m really happy to be back into training – I missed it so much and I’ve finally started feeling better every session. Awesome!

I decided to ignore Easter and enjoy a great training weekend instead.
And instead of hunting Easter Eggs I hunted things like socks (In which drawer did I put my socks?), charging cables (In which box did I tidy up the charging cable?), favorite books (who did I lend my two favorite books to? Or better: WHO DIDN’T RETURN MY BOOKS???) and some other things. But I’m already getting used to my new apartment and this morning I found the running socks on the second try .

Now I’ve got to start studying for the second round of exams. Luckily it won’t be as much as the first round!

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On The Home Stretch

February 19th, 2011 by christinewaitz

As my blogging queen teammate Jocelyn would say, I’ve been slagging on the blogging department lately – again.

And I must admit that’s true as I’ve been very busy the past few weeks.
I was working on some new wallpaper for my room…sorry, just kidding. Although I really did decorate my room with a type of wallpaper. Only it was not the kind of decorative wallpaper you might think of. Let’s say it was more functional. It was the summaries for my exam study material. The fact that I’m able to make jokes about it reveals that I’ve already written the test – and I think it went well.

Ok. It's not too decorative... so I've already removed them by now:)

But actually that stuff is really interesting - even for our cat...

Now it’s one down and some more to go (It’s better I don’t count how many:). After the education theories I’m now concentrating on arts history. And let me tell you, I’m so looking forward to the last test because afterwards I’ll be able to get back to 100% training. Woohooo!!!

Back behind my desk now – I’m having a date with some pretty good looking men – David, Laokoon, Apollo…

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Cookie Parade

December 10th, 2010 by christinewaitz

If you love cookies you should definitely stop reading here. Because you’ll either get totally jealous or you’ll immediately go out shopping for cookies and we all know that they would never last until Christmas and will directly go onto the hips.

If you are one of those Grinches (like me and my little brother), and you don’t care for cookies and Christmas and all that stuff you can read on.:)

I’ve told you before that I really like baking and I have to admit, I had a very good teacher! This teacher is in full cry especially in December: Every year, Mom Waitz opens the Christmas bakery a few weeks before Christmas and bakes an impressive amount of Christmas cookies. 17 different kinds! Some of the recipes are family tradition and I still remember the blank sheet box in my grandma’s guest room where she stored those cookies.

Now, of course I don’t want to deny you at least a visible indulgence:

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Every run is different

December 5th, 2010 by christinewaitz

Winter is coming very early this year here in Roth. At the moment we have temperatures below 0°C and what’s even more unusual is that we have a lot of snow.

Now, I wouldn’t say I like the cold weather and the snow. It’s dark most times of the day, I need to get the snow off the car (as my Cervélo and some more bikes live in the garage:), I need more time to get to university, I’m freezing all the time and my toes get chilblains.

But as I can’t change it, I’m just trying to see the good points. For example, running in winter is something really special! As I’m working a lot for university at the moment, I’m mostly running when it’s dark. Sometimes you don’t even need light to run through the fields because the snow is reflecting the rest of the daylight! When I’m running through the woods I put in my earphones, put on my headlight and suddenly you’re in this crazy world where it’s just you, running and some meters of trail in front of you. Love it!!!
Yesterday, suddenly appearing from nowhere, an elderly women stepped into my world and was trying to talk to me. I had to pull out my earphones first before I could understand her (attention : I don’t recommend listening to music too loud. It’s not good for your ears and it’s dangerous not to hear your environment). Well, back to my story: the poor women was panicking because her dog sat down some meters in front of us and refused to walk one more step. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my mobile with me. So I told her I’d run home as fast as I could and call her husband who could then pick her up.
No sooner said than done, I ran home as fast as I could because it was -8°C and the poor woman and her dog must have been freezing badly! Completely out of breath, I arrived at home and made the emergency call (I had to repeat the phone number all the way home for fear I might forget it:) Every run is different  – one more reason why I love it!

Jeah! First one!

Ok, I must admit, it does look nice...

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Sports and Arts

November 17th, 2010 by christinewaitz

I’ve wanted to write this blog for quite some time now, actually since I finished my exam thesis about this topic some weeks ago.

Every time people ask what I’m studying, they are really surprised when my answer is “I’m studying arts“. It seems to be so different from sports.
Actually, I don’t think it’s so different at all!

Just like in sport, I have a goal in arts, too. A goal of which I’ve got something like a picture in my head.
Now, in both cases I start to train, to work to get near this image. And everybody knows how that is: sometimes you’re doing two steps forward and one step back, sometimes you don’t seem to move at all for what seems an eternity, sometimes you struggle, sometimes you fall and need to get up again. Sometimes you’re enthusiastic, sometimes frustrated. But nevertheless, there’s always this goal, your goal, you know it’s worth working for.
And then, suddenly, there’s THE day. That day when everything seems to come so naturally, so easy. The day when time seems to be flying by, you seem to be in your own perfect little world where you really can do everything you’ve practiced for and it seems like you’ve been doing it for years.
And then you really do achieve your goal! And there’s this little moment of contentedness when everything seems perfect.

Just before the unavoidable happens… the little word BUT appears in your head… BUT next time I want to be better. And you can see the next step in front of you and you know it’s worth every hour of work for THE day. That’s why I love both these things!

No matter if it’s sports or arts or what ever else: keep on working! It’s worth it.

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Pumpkin blog

October 31st, 2010 by christinewaitz

Yesterday my fellow teammate and record blogger Jocelyn told me I was “slacking in the blogging department“.
Obviously, yes, I am a slacker. But I have a good excuse. My days mainly consist of uni, training and sleeping and I don’t have Jocelyn’s superstar ability to “make anything and everything sound exciting“.

But I suggested we should do a little team‐pumpkin‐gallery!
And following to Jocelyns “How to carve a pumpkin in 10 easy steps!“ I’ll show you our family’s pumpkin, too.

Here in Germany, we don’t celebrate Halloween as big as it’s celebrated in the US.
It’s mostly kids who like to carve pumpkins. And me and mom Waitz, too.
And now we’ve got our big pumpkin standing right in front of our living room window.
We even grew the pumpkin in our garden!

well, it doesn't look very scary our pumpkin... it's a friendly one!

... even when it's dark... not scary at all...

Happy halloween!

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October 5th, 2010 by christinewaitz

Well, I really don’t like shopping. I prefer running around in my AVIAs. I don’t need a purse as I normally carry all kinds of training stuff and anything else I need in my big Blueseventy back pack and I hate shopping for clothes. Annoying music, too many people and at the children’s department where I usually get my size of clothes nobody seems to like, simple unicolour shirts or pullovers, so that I normally come back home having spent no money at all. Ok, not that bad I guess.

But there’s one kind of shop I could spend hours in! Bookshops – I love bookshops!
Yesterday I had some time in between two appointments and went to my favourite bookshop around the corner.

Do you know how kids look like when they are at an ice cream parlor?
They are standing in front of dozens of kinds of icecream and would like to have at least 6 or better 7 or better 8…. different kinds because they all seem to be sooooo promising.

I was probably standing in the bookshop like a kid at the ice cream parlor. Within ten minutes I could have bought 6 or 7 or… well, you get the picture, books.
But just like at the ice cream parlor, where mom says to the kid “Noooo, we’ll have dinner at home!“, some little man in my ear said: “Nooo, you’ve just picked up some books from library!“

But just like dinner doesn’t taste as good as ice cream, borrowed books are not as good as new ones. So next time I’ll kill my piggybank, go to the bookshop all by myself and then have a brand new book that makes this great creaking noise when you open the cover the first time, that has a nice smell of new paper, and then I’ll let the pages slide over my fingers with pleasure like a kid eating his ice cream.

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Cologne Triathlon Weekend

September 6th, 2010 by christinewaitz

If you’re expecting a race report, I’m very sorry that this isn’t one. Due to some illness I had to cancel the rest of my races this year… only to come back 100% fit next year!!

Even if I couldn’t race I decided to go to Cologne anyway and spend my weekend there. Why?
Easy to answer. The year before I had a fun race and I was very impressed with the atmosphere of this race. This year I was able to soak up everything (even those little things you don’t pay attention to before a race because you’re so focused).

More than last year I could see how much effort and love the organization put into this race. I was warmly welcomed when I arrived and immediately integrated in the team: cheering the little kids (looove to see them racing!!!), give shirts to them, assist at the awards, give medals to the finishers, do some moderation assistance. As you can see, I was busy all day, had a lot of fun (and of course really wished I could race!).

Conclusion: This race is really nice, friendly, with a lot of fantastic little details. The highlight of the weekend was for sure Joseph’s and Diana’s win on Sunday. Congrats, you did fantastic!

Now want some impressions?

Diana flying into T2

Joseph celebrating his win

nice morning for a long course race

ohhh, I wouldn't have been more nervous standing at the starting line myself!

I love to see kids racing. This little girl gave a TV interview better than some Pros could do:)

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