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Strawberry Cheesecake

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Tomorrow will be my little brothers birthday (I should better say my younger brothers birthday).

Usually I’m the one who bakes the birthday cakes in our family. So today, after I’ve finished my training, I hurried to the supermarket to get everything I needed for the cake.
Back home, I was really in a hurry. I wanted to be finished by the time my mom comes home from work.
Why? Well, our kitchen is normally  really clean and tidy. But as soon as I start baking a cake it looks like a hurricane went through. When I try to explain her that baking is like arts – the more chaos, the better the artwork gets – she doesn’t understand that at all.
Todays artwork beside the cake was spreading half a pack of Quark over the kitchen floor… grrreat!!! My schedule didn’t include cleaning the floor, too!!!

Well, nevertheless, the cake is prepared now and the kitchen is tidied up.

And for the cheesecake-lovers in our team I’ll try to give a step by step instruction how to do a cheesecake:)

Happy 23rd birthday to my brother Michael:)