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Who’s the coach?

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
Once a week I have a different kind of training. Officially it’s not training for myself – unofficially I think it’s just as exhausting as some of my sessions. But also as fun as my own training:)

So whose training is it then?

It’s running training for kids in my home club at Roth. Every monday evening we meet at the track at 5:30. “We“ means ten to fifteen kids at the age from six to twelve and three coaches.
Yes, believe me, three coaches are absolutely necessary… it’s like hearding cats…
Some are full of energy and keep running around (great! – but seems like the airflow is too loud and they don’t hear our advices:), others are sooooo tired today, next one’s shoelaces are undone, next one is chasing his friend…

When we manage to meet at one point and make them listen to us, we do a lot of little running games and relays.
One of their favourite games is “the race game“ where they practice to put on their shoes as fast as possible. It’s one of the games where nobody refuses to participate because everybody likes it.
However the coaches are not out of work then. You wouldn’t believe how creative the kids are in developing some cheating strategies and how fast they can run in only half-put on shoes!

During this game there’s also the unavoidable “who has got the largest feet“ question. Which of course always comes to the same answer: It’s either “Yeah, I’ve already got bigger feet than our coach!!!“ or “Hahhh, just one more size and I can wear the coachs shoes!!!“

Well, it’s not only the shoes that are hard to tell apart…
who is the coach?
well, they are more easily to identify as coachs…
one of the coachs himself makes sure we’ll have our job fore some more years… our youngest pupil is participating in the baby buggy
who is the fastest???
also part of the training: how to get a good finish photo!
yes, sometimes we manage to meet at one point and make them listen to us!