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At the pool till midnight

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Well, I must admit, this time I wasn’t there for training but for cinema.

Yes, you’ve read right. Cinema!

Every summer there is open air cinema at Nuremberg at some fancy places.
And where else of course should I visit that special cinema than at one of my favourite places – the pool?

These events are called “summer night cinema“. Although honestly, it didn’t feel like a summer night. I was dressed in full winter clothes including grandma’s handmade woolen socks and wrapped in a blanket and I was still freezing, as were my friends who joined me. Even my little (ah, younger) brother who is never freezing said it was a bit cold.

However this was the only disadvantage. Everything else was really nice!

Appropriate for the location they showed the film “Men in water“. A swedish comedy about a hockey team who discovers synchronised swimming as their sport. Sounds fun – definitely was a lot of fun.

Want some impressions?
YouTube Preview Image

open air cinema...

... at the pool!

And altough it was cold, it was a really nice and clear night.
Did you ever have falling stars at cinema? I had – and it was fantastic!

Maybe I even learned something for training even though I didn’t swim but watched a film: if you just work hard enough you can achieve your goal!

Birthday party blog

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Well, I didn’t write a blog for some time as there hasn’t been much exciting going on here. Though, I could have written a nap blog like Tereza as I’ve become a specialist in that over the last weeks due to some illness.

But every year at the beginning of August we have three birthdays within 9 days in our family: My mom is the first, my grandpa follows and last is my dad.

So you might think, what’s spectacular about some birthdays?

My dad has always been working a lot, so our family time has always been quite rare.

For compensation we always organised big birthday parties with family and friends.

In August the party usually takes place on my dad’s birthday (Dad: “It’s always been raining on your mom’s birthday since I’ve know her. That’s not good for a party.“). We were lucky yesterday and after a rainy morning the weather turned really good so we could welcome our guests at our terrace.
My mom has already prepared food for a little army and my dad has as always taken his stance in front of the BBQ grill.

Want some impressions? Here you go:

Mom preparing the salads

Mom preparing the salads

Dad is the BBQ chef

Dad is the BBQ chef

Grandma and Grandpa Waitz... definitely one of my best supporters... THANK YOU SO MUCH

Grandma and Grandpa Waitz... definitely one of my best supporters... THANK YOU SO MUCH

ready for BBQ!

ready for BBQ!

and of course some dessert!

and of course some dessert!

Finally happy birthday again to mom, dad and of course grandpa.

Thanks for your endless support… you’re the best!