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Cologne Triathlon Weekend « Christine Waitz's Blog


Cologne Triathlon Weekend

If you’re expecting a race report, I’m very sorry that this isn’t one. Due to some illness I had to cancel the rest of my races this year… only to come back 100% fit next year!!

Even if I couldn’t race I decided to go to Cologne anyway and spend my weekend there. Why?
Easy to answer. The year before I had a fun race and I was very impressed with the atmosphere of this race. This year I was able to soak up everything (even those little things you don’t pay attention to before a race because you’re so focused).

More than last year I could see how much effort and love the organization put into this race. I was warmly welcomed when I arrived and immediately integrated in the team: cheering the little kids (looove to see them racing!!!), give shirts to them, assist at the awards, give medals to the finishers, do some moderation assistance. As you can see, I was busy all day, had a lot of fun (and of course really wished I could race!).

Conclusion: This race is really nice, friendly, with a lot of fantastic little details. The highlight of the weekend was for sure Joseph’s and Diana’s win on Sunday. Congrats, you did fantastic!

Now want some impressions?

Diana flying into T2

Joseph celebrating his win

nice morning for a long course race

ohhh, I wouldn't have been more nervous standing at the starting line myself!

I love to see kids racing. This little girl gave a TV interview better than some Pros could do:)

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