Well, I really don’t like shopping. I prefer running around in my AVIAs. I don’t need a purse as I normally carry all kinds of training stuff and anything else I need in my big Blueseventy back pack and I hate shopping for clothes. Annoying music, too many people and at the children’s department where I usually get my size of clothes nobody seems to like, simple unicolour shirts or pullovers, so that I normally come back home having spent no money at all. Ok, not that bad I guess.

But there’s one kind of shop I could spend hours in! Bookshops – I love bookshops!
Yesterday I had some time in between two appointments and went to my favourite bookshop around the corner.

Do you know how kids look like when they are at an ice cream parlor?
They are standing in front of dozens of kinds of icecream and would like to have at least 6 or better 7 or better 8…. different kinds because they all seem to be sooooo promising.

I was probably standing in the bookshop like a kid at the ice cream parlor. Within ten minutes I could have bought 6 or 7 or… well, you get the picture, books.
But just like at the ice cream parlor, where mom says to the kid “Noooo, we’ll have dinner at home!“, some little man in my ear said: “Nooo, you’ve just picked up some books from library!“

But just like dinner doesn’t taste as good as ice cream, borrowed books are not as good as new ones. So next time I’ll kill my piggybank, go to the bookshop all by myself and then have a brand new book that makes this great creaking noise when you open the cover the first time, that has a nice smell of new paper, and then I’ll let the pages slide over my fingers with pleasure like a kid eating his ice cream.

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