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Pumpkin blog

Yesterday my fellow teammate and record blogger Jocelyn told me I was “slacking in the blogging department“.
Obviously, yes, I am a slacker. But I have a good excuse. My days mainly consist of uni, training and sleeping and I don’t have Jocelyn’s superstar ability to “make anything and everything sound exciting“.

But I suggested we should do a little team‐pumpkin‐gallery!
And following to Jocelyns “How to carve a pumpkin in 10 easy steps!“ I’ll show you our family’s pumpkin, too.

Here in Germany, we don’t celebrate Halloween as big as it’s celebrated in the US.
It’s mostly kids who like to carve pumpkins. And me and mom Waitz, too.
And now we’ve got our big pumpkin standing right in front of our living room window.
We even grew the pumpkin in our garden!

well, it doesn't look very scary our pumpkin... it's a friendly one!

... even when it's dark... not scary at all...

Happy halloween!

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