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Sports and Arts « Christine Waitz's Blog


Sports and Arts

I’ve wanted to write this blog for quite some time now, actually since I finished my exam thesis about this topic some weeks ago.

Every time people ask what I’m studying, they are really surprised when my answer is “I’m studying arts“. It seems to be so different from sports.
Actually, I don’t think it’s so different at all!

Just like in sport, I have a goal in arts, too. A goal of which I’ve got something like a picture in my head.
Now, in both cases I start to train, to work to get near this image. And everybody knows how that is: sometimes you’re doing two steps forward and one step back, sometimes you don’t seem to move at all for what seems an eternity, sometimes you struggle, sometimes you fall and need to get up again. Sometimes you’re enthusiastic, sometimes frustrated. But nevertheless, there’s always this goal, your goal, you know it’s worth working for.
And then, suddenly, there’s THE day. That day when everything seems to come so naturally, so easy. The day when time seems to be flying by, you seem to be in your own perfect little world where you really can do everything you’ve practiced for and it seems like you’ve been doing it for years.
And then you really do achieve your goal! And there’s this little moment of contentedness when everything seems perfect.

Just before the unavoidable happens… the little word BUT appears in your head… BUT next time I want to be better. And you can see the next step in front of you and you know it’s worth every hour of work for THE day. That’s why I love both these things!

No matter if it’s sports or arts or what ever else: keep on working! It’s worth it.

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