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Cookie Parade

Friday, December 10th, 2010

If you love cookies you should definitely stop reading here. Because you’ll either get totally jealous or you’ll immediately go out shopping for cookies and we all know that they would never last until Christmas and will directly go onto the hips.

If you are one of those Grinches (like me and my little brother), and you don’t care for cookies and Christmas and all that stuff you can read on.:)

I’ve told you before that I really like baking and I have to admit, I had a very good teacher! This teacher is in full cry especially in December: Every year, Mom Waitz opens the Christmas bakery a few weeks before Christmas and bakes an impressive amount of Christmas cookies. 17 different kinds! Some of the recipes are family tradition and I still remember the blank sheet box in my grandma’s guest room where she stored those cookies.

Now, of course I don’t want to deny you at least a visible indulgence:

Every run is different

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Winter is coming very early this year here in Roth. At the moment we have temperatures below 0°C and what’s even more unusual is that we have a lot of snow.

Now, I wouldn’t say I like the cold weather and the snow. It’s dark most times of the day, I need to get the snow off the car (as my Cervélo and some more bikes live in the garage:), I need more time to get to university, I’m freezing all the time and my toes get chilblains.

But as I can’t change it, I’m just trying to see the good points. For example, running in winter is something really special! As I’m working a lot for university at the moment, I’m mostly running when it’s dark. Sometimes you don’t even need light to run through the fields because the snow is reflecting the rest of the daylight! When I’m running through the woods I put in my earphones, put on my headlight and suddenly you’re in this crazy world where it’s just you, running and some meters of trail in front of you. Love it!!!
Yesterday, suddenly appearing from nowhere, an elderly women stepped into my world and was trying to talk to me. I had to pull out my earphones first before I could understand her (attention : I don’t recommend listening to music too loud. It’s not good for your ears and it’s dangerous not to hear your environment). Well, back to my story: the poor women was panicking because her dog sat down some meters in front of us and refused to walk one more step. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my mobile with me. So I told her I’d run home as fast as I could and call her husband who could then pick her up.
No sooner said than done, I ran home as fast as I could because it was -8°C and the poor woman and her dog must have been freezing badly! Completely out of breath, I arrived at home and made the emergency call (I had to repeat the phone number all the way home for fear I might forget it:) Every run is different  – one more reason why I love it!

Jeah! First one!

Ok, I must admit, it does look nice...