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Cookie Parade « Christine Waitz's Blog


Cookie Parade

If you love cookies you should definitely stop reading here. Because you’ll either get totally jealous or you’ll immediately go out shopping for cookies and we all know that they would never last until Christmas and will directly go onto the hips.

If you are one of those Grinches (like me and my little brother), and you don’t care for cookies and Christmas and all that stuff you can read on.:)

I’ve told you before that I really like baking and I have to admit, I had a very good teacher! This teacher is in full cry especially in December: Every year, Mom Waitz opens the Christmas bakery a few weeks before Christmas and bakes an impressive amount of Christmas cookies. 17 different kinds! Some of the recipes are family tradition and I still remember the blank sheet box in my grandma’s guest room where she stored those cookies.

Now, of course I don’t want to deny you at least a visible indulgence:

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