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Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

The last few weeks have been a pretty exciting time for me: I finished the first round of exams, I’m back into full training and I moved into my own apartment.

I’m really happy to be back into training – I missed it so much and I’ve finally started feeling better every session. Awesome!

I decided to ignore Easter and enjoy a great training weekend instead.
And instead of hunting Easter Eggs I hunted things like socks (In which drawer did I put my socks?), charging cables (In which box did I tidy up the charging cable?), favorite books (who did I lend my two favorite books to? Or better: WHO DIDN’T RETURN MY BOOKS???) and some other things. But I’m already getting used to my new apartment and this morning I found the running socks on the second try .

Now I’ve got to start studying for the second round of exams. Luckily it won’t be as much as the first round!