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At the pool till midnight

August 23rd, 2010 by christinewaitz

Well, I must admit, this time I wasn’t there for training but for cinema.

Yes, you’ve read right. Cinema!

Every summer there is open air cinema at Nuremberg at some fancy places.
And where else of course should I visit that special cinema than at one of my favourite places – the pool?

These events are called “summer night cinema“. Although honestly, it didn’t feel like a summer night. I was dressed in full winter clothes including grandma’s handmade woolen socks and wrapped in a blanket and I was still freezing, as were my friends who joined me. Even my little (ah, younger) brother who is never freezing said it was a bit cold.

However this was the only disadvantage. Everything else was really nice!

Appropriate for the location they showed the film “Men in water“. A swedish comedy about a hockey team who discovers synchronised swimming as their sport. Sounds fun – definitely was a lot of fun.

Want some impressions?
YouTube Preview Image

open air cinema...

... at the pool!

And altough it was cold, it was a really nice and clear night.
Did you ever have falling stars at cinema? I had – and it was fantastic!

Maybe I even learned something for training even though I didn’t swim but watched a film: if you just work hard enough you can achieve your goal!

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Birthday party blog

August 16th, 2010 by christinewaitz

Well, I didn’t write a blog for some time as there hasn’t been much exciting going on here. Though, I could have written a nap blog like Tereza as I’ve become a specialist in that over the last weeks due to some illness.

But every year at the beginning of August we have three birthdays within 9 days in our family: My mom is the first, my grandpa follows and last is my dad.

So you might think, what’s spectacular about some birthdays?

My dad has always been working a lot, so our family time has always been quite rare.

For compensation we always organised big birthday parties with family and friends.

In August the party usually takes place on my dad’s birthday (Dad: “It’s always been raining on your mom’s birthday since I’ve know her. That’s not good for a party.“). We were lucky yesterday and after a rainy morning the weather turned really good so we could welcome our guests at our terrace.
My mom has already prepared food for a little army and my dad has as always taken his stance in front of the BBQ grill.

Want some impressions? Here you go:

Mom preparing the salads

Mom preparing the salads

Dad is the BBQ chef

Dad is the BBQ chef

Grandma and Grandpa Waitz... definitely one of my best supporters... THANK YOU SO MUCH

Grandma and Grandpa Waitz... definitely one of my best supporters... THANK YOU SO MUCH

ready for BBQ!

ready for BBQ!

and of course some dessert!

and of course some dessert!

Finally happy birthday again to mom, dad and of course grandpa.

Thanks for your endless support… you’re the best!

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Who’s the coach?

June 10th, 2010 by christinewaitz
Once a week I have a different kind of training. Officially it’s not training for myself – unofficially I think it’s just as exhausting as some of my sessions. But also as fun as my own training:)

So whose training is it then?

It’s running training for kids in my home club at Roth. Every monday evening we meet at the track at 5:30. “We“ means ten to fifteen kids at the age from six to twelve and three coaches.
Yes, believe me, three coaches are absolutely necessary… it’s like hearding cats…
Some are full of energy and keep running around (great! – but seems like the airflow is too loud and they don’t hear our advices:), others are sooooo tired today, next one’s shoelaces are undone, next one is chasing his friend…

When we manage to meet at one point and make them listen to us, we do a lot of little running games and relays.
One of their favourite games is “the race game“ where they practice to put on their shoes as fast as possible. It’s one of the games where nobody refuses to participate because everybody likes it.
However the coaches are not out of work then. You wouldn’t believe how creative the kids are in developing some cheating strategies and how fast they can run in only half-put on shoes!

During this game there’s also the unavoidable “who has got the largest feet“ question. Which of course always comes to the same answer: It’s either “Yeah, I’ve already got bigger feet than our coach!!!“ or “Hahhh, just one more size and I can wear the coachs shoes!!!“

Well, it’s not only the shoes that are hard to tell apart…
who is the coach?
well, they are more easily to identify as coachs…
one of the coachs himself makes sure we’ll have our job fore some more years… our youngest pupil is participating in the baby buggy
who is the fastest???
also part of the training: how to get a good finish photo!
yes, sometimes we manage to meet at one point and make them listen to us!

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Strawberry Cheesecake

April 9th, 2010 by christinewaitz

Tomorrow will be my little brothers birthday (I should better say my younger brothers birthday).

Usually I’m the one who bakes the birthday cakes in our family. So today, after I’ve finished my training, I hurried to the supermarket to get everything I needed for the cake.
Back home, I was really in a hurry. I wanted to be finished by the time my mom comes home from work.
Why? Well, our kitchen is normally  really clean and tidy. But as soon as I start baking a cake it looks like a hurricane went through. When I try to explain her that baking is like arts – the more chaos, the better the artwork gets – she doesn’t understand that at all.
Todays artwork beside the cake was spreading half a pack of Quark over the kitchen floor… grrreat!!! My schedule didn’t include cleaning the floor, too!!!

Well, nevertheless, the cake is prepared now and the kitchen is tidied up.

And for the cheesecake-lovers in our team I’ll try to give a step by step instruction how to do a cheesecake:)

Happy 23rd birthday to my brother Michael:)

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One month

March 10th, 2010 by christinewaitz

I’ve been here at our team training camp in Krabi for almost four weeks now and it’s fantastic!

I really enjoy the fact that I have nothing else to concentrate on other than my training. In the time between the training sessions I can do things I never have time for at home. Things like just sitting around and thinking, reading books, or watching movies.

So yesterday after biking I cleaned up my stuff, sat down and recognized that one of my favorite movies has just started… it’s a german-american movie made in 1984. The Never Ending Story.

Why do I like this film?

Well, actually, I like the book Die unendliche Geschichte“ written by Michael Ende even more than the movie.


It’s one of the books I stayed up a whole night to finish reading. And it was one of those times I was supposed to be in bed early. In those days, I was allowed to read half an hour before going to sleep. So after half an hour Mom came up to turn off the lights.

Hahaha, no problem for me. Because of course I was prepared! I pulled the blanket over my head and turned on my little secret pocket lamp. Every now and then lifting up the blanket to let in some fresh air.

At one point, I was so engrossed in the book that I didn’t hear Mom coming up to check and see if I was asleep. Ohhhh. Of course she was angry now, taking my light and telling me to go to sleep.

But I had to know how the book ends!!!

So I pulled out my secret pocket lamp no2 (don’t worry there’ve been even more:) and read my book until the end… great… well, not so great for school the next day of course…

And there’s another reason why I like the movie. When I was even younger my parents took my brother and me on a trip to the studio where parts of the film were shot and I was allowed to ride on Fuchur- the nice hairy white flying dragon.
My parents are still searching the photo. But here you can see Fuchur, the luck dragon, in the film:

YouTube Preview Image

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The early bird catches the worm.

February 25th, 2010 by christinewaitz

Yes, I’m one of the early birds. I’m used to getting up early because at home I do my first training session before going to university.

So I could sleep in on the weekends, one might think. Hmmm, I’m sorry for my poor family but they have to deal with my early morning noise even on the weekends. Because I just loooooove my early morning training.

I love going out when it’s still dark. Sometimes when the weather is bad I have to take my little light. But when the sky is clear you don’t need a light as the light of the moon is enough.

Have you ever gone out that early? There are a few things you can only experience then!

Almost nobody is up, so it’s really quiet. Only you and the sound of your bike or your steps.

Before sunrise the birds start to sing and often it’s also the coldest time of the night. But the air is so fresh and clean then! You can smell the grass and the herbs on the side of the road and the soil.

And if you are lucky and the weather is good, you can see a beautiful sunrise while everybody else is still asleep!

It’s like your own little training world!

So of course I didn’t miss out on that experience here in Thailand. And for all the late risers I took some pictures… but let me tell you… it’s only a little part of a fantastic experience… for the rest you have to go out yourself:)

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Why you should never pass anything to me…

January 29th, 2010 by christinewaitz

I wouldn’t say I was a sporty kid. To tell the truth, I was completely unathletic.

While the kids in my neighborhood were playing tag or ball I preferred to read my books or to draw. I think that’s the reason why you should never expect me to catch something no matter if it’s a ball or a key or whatever – I’ve never learned to catch and it will definitely fall out of my hands.

BUT I’ve always loved bikes! All kinds of bikes. Because going by bike anywhere was of course much easier than walking:)

And as I’ve promised some pics, I’ll show you some very special ones of my preferred bicycles…

My first "bicycle". Very light, but neither aerodynamic than comfortable.My first real bicycle... with some little support.bike001kmy favourite and fastest:)

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“The German is back.“

January 9th, 2010 by christinewaitz

That’s what I heard when I arrived for the second time at training camp in Leysin last summer.

Well, I should give you some more information about me because there are a lot of german triathletes…

My name is Christine Waitz.
You don’t remember names? Hmm, then you could ask for a small woman with reddish braids. If you asked anybody from Roth they could probably help you. Because Roth is my hometown.

I don’t think I need to tell you how I got into triathlon. At least once a year our little town is upside down! That’s where I got infected by the triathlon virus.

I’m really looking forward to the first camp. To meet again the people I met in Leysin where I had a great time and met some new team mates. To have great training, new experiences and hopefully a lot of improvement!

So that’s the short story of “the German”. Maybe in my next blog I should give you some pics?

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