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Singapore 70.3 race report « Daniel Halksworth's Blog


Singapore 70.3 race report

Yesterday was my first half ironman! Quite a tough day in the office compared to ITU races but something that i really enjoyed even though i pretty much wobbled over the finish line.

The swim was relatively easy and on the first lap i was setting the pace and swimming comfortably inside what i would call a tough pace. A lot less aggressive than Olympic races and pace slower. On the second lap i decided to sit in behind the guys on my feet and conserve some energy just like Doc told me to do. At the end of the swim i was in 3rd place just behind Gemmel and team mate Dave Dellow.

Going out on the bike i was a little apprehensive and really didn’t know what to expect so i just sat (Legally) behind and stayed away from the front, again under docs orders. Midway in to the second lap the chasing group caught us and we all stayed together until the start of the run. The bike course was pretty dangerous at times with age groupers jumping in between us without even looking behind to see who was behind so that meant we had to drop safely behind them until they got dropped meaning we would have double the distance to chase back on. Pretty annoying and quite tough but luckily we had a race referee alongside us for the whole ride so quite a few of the tag alongs got yellow carded!

The plan for the run was to be sensible! I thought i was being sensible until i blew on the second lap and strolled across the finish line loosing a lot of time to the people i was running alongside. I know this is the one area i really need to work on but its all a learning curve and after all my first attempt doing a 70.3. Oh i never ever thought i would want a coke so much out on that course….i was that desperate i think i may have taken one of the volunteers!!!

So learn from you’re mistakes and take away the positives! Straight back in to it before i head to North Thailand to race an Aquathlon on Friday then Olympic distance triathlon Sunday!

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