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Mekong River Triathlon Fesival « Daniel Halksworth's Blog


Mekong River Triathlon Fesival

So it has been a strange few days in Thailand. I arrived in Chiangsaen Thursday evening to find all competitors standing outside the race hotel in next to nothing. Was a little confusing, thought perhaps an alarm had gone off but as soon as the door opened and we hopped out everyone came rushing over asking me “did you feel it” my look of what the hell are you guys on showed I obviously was oblivious to what they were talking about and so they said the earthquake! Thought they were pulling my leg for a while but apparently it was measured at 6.9 just over the border in Burma. About an hour later I was in bed drifting off quite nicely when my bed started shaking. I sat up thinking I just had a really strange dream but then I could hear a stampede down the stairs with people fleeing the hotel. Quite a few athletes moved mattresses outside and set up mosquito nets but I just wanted my bed the night before the race!

Friday was Aquathlon time, 1500m swim downstream then a 5 (and a bit) k run around the ancient streets of Chiangsaen. I didn’t get the best start in the swim and had to fight my way to the front but was first out the water in a little over 13 minutes. Going out on to the run I just ran really hard for 2.5k until  I could see I had enough of a lead to cruise home and save the legs for Sundays triathlon.

Sunday morning we were all woken up again from another after shock an hour before my alarm was set for……I hate being woken up especially when I cant get back to sleep!

Race plan was to put pressure on in the swim and then go hard on the bike and see who would go with me. Swim start was better and had about 10 seconds on the chasing pack. One competitor from Hong Kong King Fun Ho got on to my wheel and we went hard and managed to open up a nice gap after the first of 8 laps. Each lap the time was getting bigger so we pushed on and increased it to just over 2 minutes going on to the run. I was very pleased with the bike, felt really comfortable and legs felt fresh when I ran in to transition so I put the hammer down first 1k. At the end of the run I had put 2 minutes in to Ho who came in second. Shame the swim was short, bike and run long as it doesn’t really help me see where I am at regarding my speed but I pushed hard the whole way and had a good win so take the positives away!

Good weekend for me, some prize money won and also won a free trip with Asian Oasis boat cruises which I hope to use after Phuket 70.3 in December.

Back in Krabi now and greeted with some awful weather. It hasn’t stopped raining and homes are being flooded so not ideal fro training, on the plus side the pool is now full and water temp is now cooler!!

Less than a week left now then back to Jersey for a nice FAT STEAK!

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