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Fuerteventura Race Report! « Daniel Halksworth's Blog


Fuerteventura Race Report!

So i have just returned back from the island of Fuerteventura. Had a really good trip and glad to be home now. The island is much like Lanzarote, baron and windy but we were lucky on race day with only a few freak showers and gusts of winds.

The course was quite tough, some big climbs with fast wet descents so lived up to the name of a challenge race. This course i felt represented more of a non-drafting race unlike Singapore 70.3. I went in to this race thinking if i got a top 10 it would be a great day in the office but as it was a training race i went in relaxed and viewed it as a training day. This clearly is the way i should view all my races as it paid off.

The one lap wetsuit swim was pretty fast, i sat in behind Rasmus Henning and Martin Jensen with Stephen Bayliss on my feet. The plan was not to lead out and reserve my energy for the bike and run. At one point i tried to go around the two leaders as the pace slowed but as soon as i got shoulder to shoulder they picked up the pace…..plan worked and back on their feet i went!  Exiting the water i was in 3rd, feeling good and quickly out for the 500m run up in to T1. Quick transition and i found myself with Rasmus out in the front. For the first 20k i was working hard making sure we would get away and that a pack would not form until Martin and Rasmus put the hammer down and dropped Myself and Stephen. I was thinking to myself this is going to be a long ride if i am alone but i kept a good solid pace working the climbs and kept catching them back up. Unfortunately my descending let me down and i kept getting dropped again only to catch them on the next big climb! Eventually Stephen caught me and we pushed on catching the two leaders with about 20k to go. Martin broke again having a few minutes lead on the three of us coming in to transition. My legs felt like they had just done an awesome bike session so i was a little worried that i would struggle on the run but i didn’t feel too bad and kept a good solid distance behind Stephen and Rasmus for much of the run until they fell apart about 4k from the finish. At this point i was in 4th place with a happy painful face. Unfortunately 1k form the finish i was over taken pushing me in to 5th, i tried to go with him but i was done!

Leading the way on the bike!So all in all was a good race for me, i am starting to find my legs now over the distance. Now to work on my descending and to keep working on my run. It will come just got to keep positive. Hopefully going to try and get a start for Mallorca in a few weeks if not i will let you know when i am racing next. Thanks to Sutto for everything!


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