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UK 70.3

Its been a while since i have written a blog and i apologise for that. I have just been focusing on training, eating, sleeping and resting.

It seems to be paying off, i am doing sessions now that i could only dream about this time last year. Don’t get me wrong they are still really tough for me but i am completing them which is the main goal at the moment. Improvements over the sets will come as long as i keep focusing on the rest and food.

So just a quick update two weeks ago i raced Blenheim Sprint race, part of the British Super Series. I had a good swim coming out the water just behind Richard Stannard then knew that the run between swim exit and transition area would be vital so i ran quick and got out on to the bike in first place followed closely by Tim Don. We committed straight away to getting away and put some time in to the chasing group of 4 or 5. Unfortunately i don’t have the run speed they have and finished in 6th. Good training weekend!

The two weeks since Blenheim have been tough with many sessions that i have not done before but i got through them all. In the back of my mind i felt that if i was rested enough i could have a good race in the UK 70.3. The swim was great, felt comfortable except for the fact i could not feel my face, hands or feet. The run up in to transition was much like Blenheim but probably about half the speed…..body just said no. Out on to the bike it was Stephen and myself out in front, we had dropped Martin Jensen whilst he was getting changed. I felt like we were flying until the eventual winner caught us half way in to the first lap and left us in his dust. I thought it was Jensen and so thought that perhaps i was not riding as well as i was hoping. It turns out he was an ex pro cyclist who can run as well. The first lap of the run was okay but i was cold, really cold and just got worse and worse. I eventually lost a few places and finished 5th with my body temp at the end of the race falling down to 33. Not ideal but my swim and bike were strong. That course lived up to its name and is certainly the toughest i have raced this year. Will be back next year, prepared for the lovely British climate i miss so much.

Challenge Aarhus in Denmark in two weekends time, looking forward to it and racing with Aaron, Dave and Caroline.

Catch you all soon!


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