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Triathlon Malarky « Daniel Halksworth's Blog


Triathlon Malarky

Hey so its been a while since my last blog!

Its a rollercoaster ride triathlon, you have good days and bad days. After Challenge Aarhus I came down with a nice bout of gastro-enteritis. 5 days of not doing much except visiting the toilet. Seriously was not a happy chappy!!

I am happy to say I am over that now and it has nearly been a week since I was ill. This week started off tough as I had little energy in my body but we have put in some solid riding and a good track session for me so things are looking up. These next few weeks Brett has promised to be tough so in a way I am glad I have got my sickness out of the way so I can concentrate on the hard work coming up. Fingers cross with the weather as it has been awesome here the last few weeks.

Next weekend I will be racing Geneva European cup then Alpe D’huez 3 days later and to finish off my own little Iron Tour I will be visiting my motherland to race in the London Triathlon. Looking forward to that tough week.

Speak to you all soon!

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