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Race round up

So I am home after a bit of a frantic trip back. I pretty much crossed the finish line and ran to my hire car so I could catch my flight home. Once on the plane I could sit back and reflect on the race. My legs were in bits and I was struggling to sit down so I can quite happily say i gave 110%.

The swim was short, not great for a swimmer and I knew it from my pre race swim the day before but can you do at the end of the day. The first 200 or so meters were fast and it was Poulat and Sudrie showing the ITU speed they have consistently shown over the years. So I jumped in behind and sat in quite happily in 3rd spot. Not sure who it was but one of them tried to break the field but I reeled him back on and after a bit we started to exchange the lead. I was lucky enough to get out first making it 4 or 5 races this year with the lead swim and not feeling too tired at the end so that was a bonus.

After some seriously heavy rain in the morning I was a little bit hesitant about the bike course. It was one of the hardest courses I have raced on and with the technical descents it could have been a nightmare especially with quite a large group coming together. Luckily it stopped raining before the swim start and by the time we were out on the roads it had dried up a bit. Some of the more shaded areas were quite damp still so you just had to keep your wits about you. About 60k in and during the most technical descent the group split and with uber biker Mikel Elgezabal (winner of UK 70.3) on the front and me at the back it meant only one thing, hang in with the riders I was with and save the legs for the run. Coming in tot he city I had a bit of a scare when my back wheel locked and I sent the back end of my bike around a traffic island. Not sure how I stayed up but thankful with a shed load of supporters watching eagerly on for someone to go down!

Out on to the run my plan was to build in and make sure i had no niggles still in the leg. It actually felt 100% fine so I am over the moon. It was the first half in which I have not completely blown so all in all it was a good race I feel. The run course was fast with quite a lot of downhill sections but to go down you must go up (yes I know its the other way around). Half way in to the second lap I thought I was done for, I could feel myself slowly drifting away to a state of death but out of no where I found some motivation (something to do with BTA) and that’s all I will say on that matter. On the third and final lap Jersey triathlete Matt Gambles cousin of Joe Gambles was out in front of me so I chased him down, he looked like he was running really strong so well done to him.

My overall time was 3h59.49 so my first sub 4 hour half and on a tough course I am pleased with that. Now back in to what I have been doing since my return from Switzerland and to start upping the game. It seems to have worked so thanks to Brett for his patience.


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