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Friday, October 28th, 2011

Last week finally got the chance to take my triathlon coaches course. Been trying to fit it in over the last few years but life can be crazy some times and you never really know where you will be from week to week as a professional triathlete. So finally i got a free weekend and used it to sit and study from 8 am till 5pm then doing homework until 11pm as it was a 2 weekend course squashed in to one. Pretty damn tired after it but worth having in the bag I think!

Flights all booked for Gran Canaria, really looking forward to going now so heading over on the 9th to meet up with Brett and others. Then off to Phuket on the 28th to race my last one of the season.

Training going well, weather is rubbish and Man utd got smashed by Man city. Life goes on…………!


Update from Jersey

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Last few weeks since my last race down the south of France have been pretty casual. Just the usual really, training and a few local races.

Last weekend was the first time in god knows how many years that I raced in  a swimming competition. The Inter insular is an annual event with the top Jersey swimmers racing against the best from Guernsey. Its a sort of scottish/english rivalry whilst racing but once the racing is over it is back to being friends. Our senior boys team ’16 & over’ was a little depleted as they are all away at uni at the moment so the ‘old boys’ were called in. I didn’t win any of my races but i wasn’t last so quite pleased with that.

The following day it was the Jersey Marathon and this year i was racing for a friends relay team. The team again were a little depleted with injuries so we had to draft a few in at the last moment but we finished second overall. I had to chase down 5 minutes 45 to catch the team in front. Ran pretty well if i don’t say so myself but unfortunately we just over a minute down going on to the next leg and we lost further time from then on. Was an awesome day, hottest day on record so that was a nice surprise!

This last week training has been going really well, most definitely in the best shape I have ever been in so things are looking good.

Hopefully heading abroad soon to where ever Brett will be so will keep you updated on that.