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Monday, December 12th, 2011

So I have been back now from Phuket for a few days and managed to pick up some sickness on the way home…..pretty standard with the luck I have had recently.

Feeling a little bit better now and back in to some light training. So Phuket was my last race of the season and after a couple of good weeks training in Gran Canaria I was really looking forward to racing. I felt that I was probably in the best shape I have ever been in and for once I felt like I could run. Turns out it just wasn’t my day. Earlier on in the week Taco and myself decided we would do the open water swimming competition for a training session, just a 1.2k sea swim. It went well and I played around with the pack before making a break before the end. So after that swim my confidence was high.

So race morning was upon me, weather was holding off after the monsoon conditions the previous day. Was actually feeling quite relaxed, a good sign normally for me! Went through all the pre-race checks and lined up on the start line with time to spare. Knelt down and looked out to sea as the sun was coming up and felt like this was going to be a “good day”. Gun went off and had a super swim start, was side by side with another guy and let him go in front. After the turn around buoy i felt he wasn’t taking a great line in to the beach so I followed mine and everyone jumped on my feet. Wasn’t that fussed, I was in control and swimming okay. I never try and make my way to the front, just seem to find myself in that position. So after the sea part of the swim we ran out and in to the lagoon. Was really hard to see the swim exit but again felt okay. It wasn’t a line of swimmers trailing behind but a small group so I knew the pace wasn’t fast.

Transition was quick a lean Raelart ran past me and on to his bike first, I was in hot pursuit…..not  a bad person to be sat behind. Got on to my bike cycled 20m around the corner and my tyre went flat………oh the joys of cycling! Was easier being a swimmer only had to worry about my speedos and goggles! Pulling to one side out of the way of the chasers got to work on fixing it as quick as i could. Turns out the valve on my extension had come loose so my tyre was slowly leaking air. I got some gas in and boom it was done. Unscrewed the gas canister and off came the valve…..a few swear words later and in went some pit stop. It had worked but with only 30 ish psi it was going to be a long cycle. I had lost quite some time and went about trying to catch up. After going past the first few females I caught a few men and found myself with Frederick Cronenbourg. About 60 k in to the race the heaves opened and down came the rain…..visibility was appalling and with no air in my front tyre it was like ice skating. For for 10k all i could think about was the hills and they certainly were tough even without being in my current situation. I descended with feet out and peddles and brakes firmly on and i still managed to go straight in to a barrier. I was fine but my head was done, race over. Never felt quite so defeated.

So after some bad luck this year it wasn’t meant to be. The race was awesome and very well organized so next year I would certainly like to go back with some unfinished business. This year has been a mixture of ups and downs with some bad luck thrown in. I have certainly improved a lot and with the races that I have done now have a good foundation of knowledge to improve on for next year. Now its time to go and put in the hours and make all those wrongs rite.