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Gran Canaria Update « Daniel Halksworth's Blog


Gran Canaria Update

So its coming to my last few days before I head home for 2 weeks to see Chelsea and the family. Training has been going really well. Swimming well, riding well and finally started to put some run sessions together. This is a massive bonus for me as most of you know this is the area I need to work on.

In the last two weeks I have ran two marathons so getting some good mileage in to the legs which is the aim for this year. Less racing more training. Running off the bike is improving as well so the future is looking “brighter”.

Stephen has managed to get me a start for Abu Dhabi so this will now be my first race of the season. Looking forward to it but first a trip home on Wednesday. Back out to Gran Canaria before Abu Dhabi and then another 6 weeks in Gran Canaria. Its a great place to train and temperatures have been ideal. Last few days wind has picked up but I think out of the other islands it is by far the least windy.

Catch you all soon!

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