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The weekend!

Monday, April 16th, 2012

So I am home  now after a pretty long trip home. The extra flight always means an overnight stay at the airport and I originally planned to sleep on a bench because my flight landed at 2 am but that lasted all of 20 minutes and ended up heading to a hotel.

So its taken a while for things to settle in but I can finally say I am one happy person. I honestly didn’t expect that result after seeing the quality of field racing. In Gran Canaria I spoke with Mathias about the race and my race plan was going to be simple. Go hard from the start. It just so happened that Rasmum Pretorius gunned the swim and that set me up for the race. With three of us out on the bike together I went to the front to let Henning know it was just the three of us. I sat on the front and went hard. I was going to stick to my plan. After 10 k I looked back and it was just Henning and myself. With the cycling talent of the UK 70.3 champion behind us I was a little bit nervous as he flew past me the last time we raced so was expecting him to do the same or at least bring a few other guys with him. Fortunately he didn’t. With about 15 k to go Henning dropped me and put about 35 seconds in to me. Was a little frustrating but not going to regret it as I set out from the start hard.

Going on to the run I could see Henning and he didn’t seem far away but the run was straight up hill so it seemed he was closer than he actually was until he hit the top and slowly went away from me. I was still feeling great but started to struggle after about 15km and could see Del Corral chasing me down quickly. My run wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, Rasmus and  Del Corral were just flying either side of me so it felt like I was a lot slower than I actually was. Luckily my race plan had worked and second was all mine, my first half distance podium and first for the Team.  After a little wobble over the finish line I was straight in to the ice bath. Didn’t really get the chance to take it all in as I was straight off to the airport to get the cheapest flight I could find!

Back On the Rock!

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

So I am back home in Jersey now or as us locals call it the Rock……not many people get off the rock. Its a special island!!

Since I have been back training has been great, the weather (was) great and it has been fantastic catching up with friends and family. I now have three new athletes to coach so I am busy busy with Fuerteventura just around the corner.

Gran Canaria worked out perfectly this year. Training was great and we could not have asked for better weather. Not one day of rain apart for a short spell up in the mountains on one occasion. The last few days were actually the coldest so was a perfect time to head home to see Chelsea whilst she has started her easter holidays. The island has some great rides but the drivers on the island are awful, not just the locals but holiday makers as well. We were glad that we made it off the island in one piece. With the choice of so many swimming pools, 3 of them being out doors we had no problems finding a lane even with so many triathletes using the island as a training base. Running was okay, we used quite a few of the same routes, one of them being a 1.2km loop in a park…..lost count how many times we ran around!

For the last three weeks in GC we were staying in a hotel called Ifa Catarina. Enrique who manages the hotel was great and made us feel really welcome in his lovely hotel. Great facilities and great food so thank you to him. Was nice to train as hard as we could and have buffet breakfast lunch and dinner waiting for us when we got in!

Having Mathias and Stephen to train with was great. Those boys know how to train and I think we all complimented each other as much as we could. Looking forward to the wolf pack reunion in Leysin later in the year.

Me babysitting!

Cheers Dan