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Lanzarote race cap.

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Well Lanzarote wasn’t a good day for me. Cant really make exscuses for it and wont bore you with them but I don’t really know what happened. 15km in to the run, my stomach cramped. I walked then ran some more then walked a little more for a good 7km until I had to stop.

Really disappointed but I have learnt my lessons now. Simple as.

The swim was comfortable and bike was okay. Graves hammered it, was a little surprised but he just flew away on the down hill sections and I simply did not have enough strength to stay with him.

Next race will be better I am sure. Off to Leysin on the weekend, very much excited!!


Build up to Lanzarote

Monday, May 14th, 2012

So its nearly time to put my game face on. I arrived last tuesday in Lanzarote and have been kindly put up with Daz and Debs at tri sports lanzarote (www.trisportslanzarote). I have had an awesome time so far and really would recommend this villa to stay at. Originally I was going to stay at La Santa, its the place you think of when you mention Lanzarote but when I was told about tri sports Lanzarote it just made sense to me. At club La Santa it would be brimming with testosterone and you wouldn’t be able to go for a wee without seeing a triathlete walking around with calf, arm, leg, chest and what ever is the newest kind of compression apparel on.

At tri sports Lanzarote not only have I been able to get on with my training but I have had the friendly home feel when I have finished. When I get back from training Debs has produced some sort of culinary master piece that can put a nice big hearty smile on anyones face. If you have some mechanical issues Daz is on hand to sort it out straight away. He knows the island inside and outside so can tell you the best bike routes, trail runs or can even take you down to Puerto Del Carmen for some open water swimming. If this all sounds good wait till you hear the icing on the cake. Not only do they have a pool but its 25m in length and two lanes wide. How bloody perfect is that. You can literally wake up and jump in smash out a session then Debs will cook you up some eggs, porridge or what ever you fancy for brekky without the worry of other athletes looking over your shoulder checking what you are doing.

So, so far this last week has been great, training is going well and getting used to the extremely warm weather. It hit 38c here the other day and it really does knock you. Looking forward to this weekend, my main aim is to cross that line so i can call myself an ironman, anything more than that is a massive bonus.

I will get some photos up this weekend after the race.