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Race Report

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

I arrived back in to Leysin yesterday afternoon. As I was driving up the hill I could feel my cheek twitching, trying to bust out a little smile. Why would I be smiling? Well I completed my first ironman.

I didn’t want to get carried away with the smile so quickly put my game face back on. This is because I know deep down there is still a lot of work to be done. Also would Brett make me race again this weekend…..I was still a little unsure!!

So it was a pretty long and rubbish drive over to Regensburg. After finishing my brick session last Thursday morning I set off on the 6.5 hour drive. My mate Leechy said I should set up the go pro for the drive but I think I would just scare you. I get so bored driving and try and entertain myself by singing what ever song comes on. I wont be afraid to admit i cannot sing to save my life.

Leading up to the race my mind was feeling pretty relaxed. It helps to know that the goal was to just cross the finish line no matter what. I bumped in to Sebastian at On Running in the expo and he gave me a pair of the new racers so after running in them two days out I decided to race in them. So glad I made that decision. From my results you guys know my running is not what you call great and I tend to suffer with muscle soreness around 15-20k. Not with the new racers, my legs do not hurt (at the moment)!

So the swim was good, we quickly got out in to a three man break away with the plan not to go to the front. God it made the swim feel long! We had a pretty big gap and after a pretty slow transition I was pretty much on my own. I couldn’t see Michael and Dirk was up ahead but going pretty hard. Managed to catch him after about 10k and stayed with him but decided to slow it down a bit, focus on my race and to make sure my nutrition was spot on. It worked, I got to transition quite a bit down on the other two but I wasn’t feeling broken unlike i did in Lanzarote.

Out on to the run and I was much more positive than Lanzarote. Even though I did not finish that race it gave me some positives to take away and put towards this one. The 4 lap course was great, loads of support and plenty of aid stations. After spending about 140k of the bike on my own it was nice to have a cyclist out with me on the run. Felt like I was actually racing finally and not just out for a training session. So after the second lap on the run I saw Sebastian and he said I was looking comfortable, I actually felt it and in my head was feeling pleased. I actually managed to take the first lap steady, wasn’t sure I would (i like to race)! Some where between seeing him and getting passed by a few guys my head went a little. Really started to struggle. Coke was needed and it was a little late. Three guys over took me on that 3rd lap. Little annoyed but hey ho. This race was to learn. So 4th lap and I remembered my sweets in the back of my race suit, should have seen the smile on my face. Like a   ……  …… in a candy store.

So I finished. In 6th. In 8h50. Positive things to take away for the next one. Looking forward to it now!!



Monday, June 18th, 2012

Just a quick one, will do another when i get back to Leysin and can upload some photos.

Enjoyed yesterday in a strange sadistic way. Got the job done. Plenty to learn from and improve on for the next one.



Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Been in Switzerland now for jus over a week. Weather hasn’t exactly been much to talk about. Training has been good, its an amazing place to train when its dry and when you can see through the clouds.

Had a change of plans on the weekend so will now be travelling to Germany for the weekend. Little road trip.

Will let you know how the little road trip goes!!