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Ironman Swiss Report « Daniel Halksworth's Blog


Ironman Swiss Report

So back now from Zurich! Awesome race expensive city!

Next year I think I would like to go back and race it all the way to the finish. This year for me was a hit out the week before Bolton and to try and help Mathias get the win. So the swim was conservative, quite choppy which i really like. Really makes the weaker swimmers struggle.

The bike was going perfect, felt great until on the final descent on the first lap I got dropped. Was chasing hard to catch up and hit a corner too fast trying to change down gears and my bike decided it didn’t want to stay between my legs. That was that. From then on I struggled on the bike. With probably 100k to go, my head was fighting my body.

I didn’t quit and got to transition feeling awful but said to myself lets just run and see if the pain goes away. After about 3k Sutto popped out and asked if I wanted to carry on and as I was still in the money I thought lets see how it goes. Surely enough I started to come good, over took the guy in 4th and felt like I was holding off Sergio Marques. After a rain shower I started to get cold and my hip started to seize up again, from then on it was time to stop and start to think about Bolton. It had been a good day up until then. Hard decision to make and when you know you were going to get pulled anyway its tough to carry on. I ran further than I was supposed to and perhaps if the crash hadn’t have happened things may have been different.

It was great having so much support out on the course. Seeing Scotty fly on the run course was awesome as well. Well done dude. Mathias and Bella were on the podium again so well done to them!

This weekend I get a chance to redeem myself and race for my old triathlon coach Jack Ralston. He is sick again and unfortunately has been told that he only has a few weeks to 6 months left so my prayers go out to his family and all my kiwi friends. Stay strong Jack.

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