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Ironman UK

Got home last night at midnight, minus my bike but for once I wasn’t too fussed. I wonder why!

So the weekend was a good weekend in the end, got my first podium and an Ironman win. The win was unexpected so a massive bonus but I was always hoping to get on the podium.

I went in to this race wanting to prove to Brett I could compete and with the sad news about my former coach Jack I really had a reason to race and dedicate the win to him.

The swim was perfect, sat in and enjoyed the ride. Cant say I enjoyed the little scrap I had with Amanda Stevens (don’t worry I didn’t get chicked)! Going through T1 I really felt in control, much smoother than last weekends shambles of a transition.

The start of the bike was fast, well I felt it was but its a bit of an uphill drag until you get on to the three lap loop but I was pushing it hard. Wanted to get away from Cryil knowing he was a strong runner. Fraser joined me as we started the first big climb. He tried to drop me but I wasn’t going to let him get away, hell no and worked very hard to catch him. Without saying it, it became clear that we would benefit working together. On the last lap with about 5 k to go my legs decided that they didn’t want to play anymore and I quickly lost 55 seconds going in to T2. As I ran in to get my bike Fraser was off. The guy asked if there was anything he could do for me, not sure he expected my reply to be “can you run for me” and so an awkward chuckle came out from me and a silence from him.

After a few k’s legs were warming up but then after a few more k’s and on to a hilly section on the run they started to go again. I remembered Scotty saying last weekend he felt similar and grabbed a few gels so I did the same and they seemed to work for me. On the way down in to the town square I could see I was gradually pulling him back. Nice and steadily. When I caught him my parents happened to be at that point and shouted my name so had to push on. Wasn’t quite sure what to do, you see on videos people saying well done when they over take but it was only 12k in to the run. Didn’t want to be a fool and say that then pop 10k later so I just kept my head down and pushed on. Coming back down with 2 laps of 3.5 to go I could see I had a cushion. With the news of Cyril being disqualified and Petr Vabrousek quite some way back my nerves could relax and little and I just ran my race.

It was an emotional but happy finish for me. Its all been a bit overwhelming the last few days.

Thanks to Brett and Alex for believing in me and giving me this opportunity.

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