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Ironman Wales

Friday, September 21st, 2012

So its been a little while since I wrote a blog. I guess I got  a little out of routine. Since Ironman Bolton not much has happened in my life apart from the usual.

I raced Embrun Ironman which was a tough tough day, safe to say I didn’t quite make it to the end. The conditions and course got the better of me but think I can say that lessons have been learnt from it. Most of you know what happened during the race so I wont bother telling you all again. To be honest would be nice to forget that one.

Moved back to Jersey a few weeks ago now and after a week of being home I raced my local Olympic distance race. It went well, was on my own for the whole race but going from Ironman racing to Olympic distance was crazy weird. Over so quickly. The bike course in Jersey is tough but if you have spent three months in Switzerland going up and down mountains it certainly makes you stronger and you can feel the difference for sure. Happy with a sub hour ride followed by a 32.39 run. Course record and nearly 4 minutes quicker than last year. So all in all a good day out.

Two weekends ago I raced or should I say I took part in a charity event. A local company called Mourant Ozzanes planned a charity swim with one team from Guernesy swimming as a relay towards Jersey and another team heading in the opposite direction. All to raise money for the islands Stroke Associations. The team consisted of 6 swimmers, all ranging swimming abilities. Was a perfect day, beautiful weather and both teams completed it. The Jersey to Guernsey team broke a record as no one has ever swam between the islands due to its pretty epic tidal currents. Maybe something for Team TBB to do one day and raise some money for charity. Perhaps in a slightly more tropical climate?!

last weekend was Ironman Wales. Again it was just part of bigger picture and taking away some lessons for it so I just went for it. Knowing it was a tough course might have not been such a good idea but I am certain that it will make me stronger and wiser for the future. The swim was good, I figured that the course would break everyone up so If I could get in a good position on the swim and then wait for the big bikers to come past. So after the first buoy I found myself out in the front and just kept going. I love sea swimming and there was a little swell so make it a little tougher for the weaker swimmers. Harry Wiltshire sat on and sprinted past me in the last 100m, not cool but hope he spends the swim prime well.

I was out on the front of the bike for the first 30k, Harry couldn’t come past and when Little Georg came flying past I quickly jumped on and we worked together until the Frenchman came past and again the pace upped. I could see little Georg was suffering and jumped in front of him about 20k from the end of the first bike lap. Georg and Harry dropped away quickly and I kept the Frenchie insight until we hit Tenby and then heading back out in to a head wind he dropped me. Went through a bit of a bad patch and lost some time but not any places.

As I was heading out on to the run two guys came in with me and one of them started hard out on to the run. I stayed with him but the pace was too hard so I just held back a bit. Again I went through a bad patch but my last lap was good. Unfortunately the guy that had overtaken me in to third place was just a little too far for me to catch. I think it was a solid result after a long season.

Going to race Lanzarote 70.3 and stay with my friends at Tri sports Lanzarote and then call it a season. Already itching to get started for next year.