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Abu Dhabi Race Report

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Back in Lanzarote now after the race on the weekend. Was a long trip home leaving on a really nice early flight on the Sunday. Finally getting in to Lanzarote after four flights Monday evening with delays, lost and broken bags. Nice to now be settled back in.

So the race wasn’t the result I wanted or the result I thought I could produce but It wasn’t all a disaster and after a lot of reflection I think I should be positive. In the weeks running up to the race training had been great and felt improvements had been made in all three disciplines so I was excited to race. The swim went well, it actually felt pretty relaxed. Was comfortable in my new wetsuit and for the first time felt like I could swim like a swimmer again. After leading the group out the water I set out in to transition as fast as I could and was comfortably on my bike before the pace could get going. For some reason after about 20k the group simply just rode away from me. It was frustrating, I couldn’t respond. My heart rate wasn’t through the roof and my legs were not burning. I felt relaxed but they just gradually got away from me. Tried my hardest to bridge the gap and after a few people caught and went past me I again couldn’t respond. Felt Like I was stuck in third gear and thats all my body wanted to give. It was a long ride for me that day, my mind was wanting to just pack it in. With the group up the road and with me seemingly out of the money, it felt like it was game over. I kept going and got to transition and to find I was in 11th. I wasn’t sure how far they were in front of me but after last years race I knew that at any point someone could drop out. I started well on the run and actually felt great. After about 4 k I finally got to a point where I could see someone in front of me on one of the switch back loops. It was Paul Amey. He is a great runner but I looked at him and looked at myself as we were running alongside each other but he was about two minutes ahead thinking he isn’t getting away. Lets keep this up and you could have a great run or could be fooling yourself and have a shocker! Towards the end of the first lap I was catching Phil and Fraser so was starting to feel positive. Fraser eventually stopped for a bit and it let me pass him. I was in to the money and top 10. Still catching Phil so kept fighting. Unfortunately I ran out of road and couldn’t pass him but was happy with my run.

So to take a good swim and a run away from a race is good. How often have I been able to say I ran well….not many! Its now time to see if I can swim bike and run well at some point this season!

Time to get back to training and plan the next race!