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Samui Race

Home now after a good trip to Thailand. I arrived a week before the race knowing the weather was brutally hot. The first few days on the island were extremely stormy with some unbelievable rain. Having only my front brake as my rear was broken from travel riding on the roads was a little dangerous to say the least. We have trained quite a bit in Thailand but for me Koh Samui is by far the most dangerous. It amazes me how many people ride around on scooters in a pair of shorts, no helmet or t shirt or shoes. Its just bloody stupid.

So going in to the race training had gone really well for me. Mathias and myself had put in some great miles in Lanzarote and then I carried it on when I get back to Jersey. My run was coming along nicely and finally started to really enjoy running. I was in contact with one of my old school teachers who is now based in Phuket and we were working on a bit of sport pschology which really helped me out. I was so chilled the night before the race I dindn’t even wake up for the toilet. If you ask Chelsea thats un heard of for me!

So my plan was to swim well ride well and run well. Pretty simple plan isn’t it. But what could go wrong with that in Thailand………….if some of you have heard about the race then you know that many things can.

Feeling relaxed

The swim for me was pretty average, I came out of the water with people I would normally come out with but the lead group swam really quick. The water temp was 31c and for it was horrible. I managed to forget my speed suit and Just couldn’t hold on to the lead pack. Next year I will be doing laps in a jacuzzi as prep. The bike for my group was great, felt in control the whole way. Even when we were told to go the wrong way. Last year people were told to go the wrong was as well so as its my job to know the course we knew as a group we were going correct and that was proved by the km markers.

Running in to second lap of the swim

As we came in to t2 we were cycling past the females that were on the run course. Suddenly I wasn’t sure what had happened, had we gone wrong or had everyone else gone wrong?!!? On to the run my plan was to run hard but walk all the water stops to make sure I got in enough fluids as possible. It seemed to work and I felt great. At the 15k turnaround point Skippy and Dave were both close and at 19k decided it was time to push on, was still feeling okay despite the heat. At 25k I really started to struggle and panic set in but all was good I made it to the finish line with a solid run time for me. On the results I was 4th but after adding extra time after the original penalty was given I was moved in to 3rd place which was a great pay day for me.

Very happy with the result, now back home and going to start building towards Frankfurt.

Was great to be racing with the team again, well done to all them. Thanks to all the team sponsors for getting me through the race and was great to meet the Singha team. Cheers for supporting us before during and after the race.


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