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Ironman Swiss Report

July 17th, 2012 by Daniel Halksworth

So back now from Zurich! Awesome race expensive city!

Next year I think I would like to go back and race it all the way to the finish. This year for me was a hit out the week before Bolton and to try and help Mathias get the win. So the swim was conservative, quite choppy which i really like. Really makes the weaker swimmers struggle.

The bike was going perfect, felt great until on the final descent on the first lap I got dropped. Was chasing hard to catch up and hit a corner too fast trying to change down gears and my bike decided it didn’t want to stay between my legs. That was that. From then on I struggled on the bike. With probably 100k to go, my head was fighting my body.

I didn’t quit and got to transition feeling awful but said to myself lets just run and see if the pain goes away. After about 3k Sutto popped out and asked if I wanted to carry on and as I was still in the money I thought lets see how it goes. Surely enough I started to come good, over took the guy in 4th and felt like I was holding off Sergio Marques. After a rain shower I started to get cold and my hip started to seize up again, from then on it was time to stop and start to think about Bolton. It had been a good day up until then. Hard decision to make and when you know you were going to get pulled anyway its tough to carry on. I ran further than I was supposed to and perhaps if the crash hadn’t have happened things may have been different.

It was great having so much support out on the course. Seeing Scotty fly on the run course was awesome as well. Well done dude. Mathias and Bella were on the podium again so well done to them!

This weekend I get a chance to redeem myself and race for my old triathlon coach Jack Ralston. He is sick again and unfortunately has been told that he only has a few weeks to 6 months left so my prayers go out to his family and all my kiwi friends. Stay strong Jack.

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Race Report

June 20th, 2012 by Daniel Halksworth

I arrived back in to Leysin yesterday afternoon. As I was driving up the hill I could feel my cheek twitching, trying to bust out a little smile. Why would I be smiling? Well I completed my first ironman.

I didn’t want to get carried away with the smile so quickly put my game face back on. This is because I know deep down there is still a lot of work to be done. Also would Brett make me race again this weekend…..I was still a little unsure!!

So it was a pretty long and rubbish drive over to Regensburg. After finishing my brick session last Thursday morning I set off on the 6.5 hour drive. My mate Leechy said I should set up the go pro for the drive but I think I would just scare you. I get so bored driving and try and entertain myself by singing what ever song comes on. I wont be afraid to admit i cannot sing to save my life.

Leading up to the race my mind was feeling pretty relaxed. It helps to know that the goal was to just cross the finish line no matter what. I bumped in to Sebastian at On Running in the expo and he gave me a pair of the new racers so after running in them two days out I decided to race in them. So glad I made that decision. From my results you guys know my running is not what you call great and I tend to suffer with muscle soreness around 15-20k. Not with the new racers, my legs do not hurt (at the moment)!

So the swim was good, we quickly got out in to a three man break away with the plan not to go to the front. God it made the swim feel long! We had a pretty big gap and after a pretty slow transition I was pretty much on my own. I couldn’t see Michael and Dirk was up ahead but going pretty hard. Managed to catch him after about 10k and stayed with him but decided to slow it down a bit, focus on my race and to make sure my nutrition was spot on. It worked, I got to transition quite a bit down on the other two but I wasn’t feeling broken unlike i did in Lanzarote.

Out on to the run and I was much more positive than Lanzarote. Even though I did not finish that race it gave me some positives to take away and put towards this one. The 4 lap course was great, loads of support and plenty of aid stations. After spending about 140k of the bike on my own it was nice to have a cyclist out with me on the run. Felt like I was actually racing finally and not just out for a training session. So after the second lap on the run I saw Sebastian and he said I was looking comfortable, I actually felt it and in my head was feeling pleased. I actually managed to take the first lap steady, wasn’t sure I would (i like to race)! Some where between seeing him and getting passed by a few guys my head went a little. Really started to struggle. Coke was needed and it was a little late. Three guys over took me on that 3rd lap. Little annoyed but hey ho. This race was to learn. So 4th lap and I remembered my sweets in the back of my race suit, should have seen the smile on my face. Like a   ……  …… in a candy store.

So I finished. In 6th. In 8h50. Positive things to take away for the next one. Looking forward to it now!!


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June 18th, 2012 by Daniel Halksworth

Just a quick one, will do another when i get back to Leysin and can upload some photos.

Enjoyed yesterday in a strange sadistic way. Got the job done. Plenty to learn from and improve on for the next one.


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June 13th, 2012 by Daniel Halksworth

Been in Switzerland now for jus over a week. Weather hasn’t exactly been much to talk about. Training has been good, its an amazing place to train when its dry and when you can see through the clouds.

Had a change of plans on the weekend so will now be travelling to Germany for the weekend. Little road trip.

Will let you know how the little road trip goes!!


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Lanzarote race cap.

May 28th, 2012 by Daniel Halksworth

Well Lanzarote wasn’t a good day for me. Cant really make exscuses for it and wont bore you with them but I don’t really know what happened. 15km in to the run, my stomach cramped. I walked then ran some more then walked a little more for a good 7km until I had to stop.

Really disappointed but I have learnt my lessons now. Simple as.

The swim was comfortable and bike was okay. Graves hammered it, was a little surprised but he just flew away on the down hill sections and I simply did not have enough strength to stay with him.

Next race will be better I am sure. Off to Leysin on the weekend, very much excited!!


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Build up to Lanzarote

May 14th, 2012 by Daniel Halksworth

So its nearly time to put my game face on. I arrived last tuesday in Lanzarote and have been kindly put up with Daz and Debs at tri sports lanzarote (www.trisportslanzarote). I have had an awesome time so far and really would recommend this villa to stay at. Originally I was going to stay at La Santa, its the place you think of when you mention Lanzarote but when I was told about tri sports Lanzarote it just made sense to me. At club La Santa it would be brimming with testosterone and you wouldn’t be able to go for a wee without seeing a triathlete walking around with calf, arm, leg, chest and what ever is the newest kind of compression apparel on.

At tri sports Lanzarote not only have I been able to get on with my training but I have had the friendly home feel when I have finished. When I get back from training Debs has produced some sort of culinary master piece that can put a nice big hearty smile on anyones face. If you have some mechanical issues Daz is on hand to sort it out straight away. He knows the island inside and outside so can tell you the best bike routes, trail runs or can even take you down to Puerto Del Carmen for some open water swimming. If this all sounds good wait till you hear the icing on the cake. Not only do they have a pool but its 25m in length and two lanes wide. How bloody perfect is that. You can literally wake up and jump in smash out a session then Debs will cook you up some eggs, porridge or what ever you fancy for brekky without the worry of other athletes looking over your shoulder checking what you are doing.

So, so far this last week has been great, training is going well and getting used to the extremely warm weather. It hit 38c here the other day and it really does knock you. Looking forward to this weekend, my main aim is to cross that line so i can call myself an ironman, anything more than that is a massive bonus.

I will get some photos up this weekend after the race.


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The weekend!

April 16th, 2012 by Daniel Halksworth

So I am home  now after a pretty long trip home. The extra flight always means an overnight stay at the airport and I originally planned to sleep on a bench because my flight landed at 2 am but that lasted all of 20 minutes and ended up heading to a hotel.

So its taken a while for things to settle in but I can finally say I am one happy person. I honestly didn’t expect that result after seeing the quality of field racing. In Gran Canaria I spoke with Mathias about the race and my race plan was going to be simple. Go hard from the start. It just so happened that Rasmum Pretorius gunned the swim and that set me up for the race. With three of us out on the bike together I went to the front to let Henning know it was just the three of us. I sat on the front and went hard. I was going to stick to my plan. After 10 k I looked back and it was just Henning and myself. With the cycling talent of the UK 70.3 champion behind us I was a little bit nervous as he flew past me the last time we raced so was expecting him to do the same or at least bring a few other guys with him. Fortunately he didn’t. With about 15 k to go Henning dropped me and put about 35 seconds in to me. Was a little frustrating but not going to regret it as I set out from the start hard.

Going on to the run I could see Henning and he didn’t seem far away but the run was straight up hill so it seemed he was closer than he actually was until he hit the top and slowly went away from me. I was still feeling great but started to struggle after about 15km and could see Del Corral chasing me down quickly. My run wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, Rasmus and  Del Corral were just flying either side of me so it felt like I was a lot slower than I actually was. Luckily my race plan had worked and second was all mine, my first half distance podium and first for the Team.  After a little wobble over the finish line I was straight in to the ice bath. Didn’t really get the chance to take it all in as I was straight off to the airport to get the cheapest flight I could find!

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Back On the Rock!

April 3rd, 2012 by Daniel Halksworth

So I am back home in Jersey now or as us locals call it the Rock……not many people get off the rock. Its a special island!!

Since I have been back training has been great, the weather (was) great and it has been fantastic catching up with friends and family. I now have three new athletes to coach so I am busy busy with Fuerteventura just around the corner.

Gran Canaria worked out perfectly this year. Training was great and we could not have asked for better weather. Not one day of rain apart for a short spell up in the mountains on one occasion. The last few days were actually the coldest so was a perfect time to head home to see Chelsea whilst she has started her easter holidays. The island has some great rides but the drivers on the island are awful, not just the locals but holiday makers as well. We were glad that we made it off the island in one piece. With the choice of so many swimming pools, 3 of them being out doors we had no problems finding a lane even with so many triathletes using the island as a training base. Running was okay, we used quite a few of the same routes, one of them being a 1.2km loop in a park…..lost count how many times we ran around!

For the last three weeks in GC we were staying in a hotel called Ifa Catarina. Enrique who manages the hotel was great and made us feel really welcome in his lovely hotel. Great facilities and great food so thank you to him. Was nice to train as hard as we could and have buffet breakfast lunch and dinner waiting for us when we got in!

Having Mathias and Stephen to train with was great. Those boys know how to train and I think we all complimented each other as much as we could. Looking forward to the wolf pack reunion in Leysin later in the year.

Me babysitting!

Cheers Dan

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Latest block of work

March 19th, 2012 by Daniel Halksworth

So since Abu Dhabi things have been going well. We had a few days active rest to get the race out of the legs and then straight in to a 10 day block of work culminating in a rest day today.

Some pretty solid hours on the bike and out running so its been a good block. With the “wolf pack” here working hard together its meant all the sessions have been solid. Mathias is getting back in to the swing of things and his leg is holding up so thats been good news. He is still smashing the rides so holding on for dear life has been pretty common.

Quite a few cyclists here at the moment and they always seem to jump on to the back of us during rides. Just the other day a lady decided to join us which was exciting for the other boys as I went past to take a turn only to be followed by her. Boys were not happy and she was soon told to jog on.

Todays rest day we got the chance to head up to Bahia Felix, a nice little resort town which is recognized around the world as one of the top windsurfing spots. The pool is really nice, 25m outdoor but a bit on the chilly side. Stephen swam first whilst Mathias was on lifeguard duty just in case Stephen froze to death and I was on babysitting duty taking Charlie for a stroll in the pram. It was like the film “Three men and a baby”. I think a lot of people were trying to figure out the situation, especially seeing as anything on this island goes.

Looking forward to the next block of working coming up, few weeks left here in GC and Fuerteventura is just around the corner now!

P3 has arrived in Jersey so looking forward to jumping on that when I am home. Thanks team, cervelo, campagnolo and cobb. Also cheers Brett for giving me the opportunity to live the dream.


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Abu Dhabi

March 6th, 2012 by Daniel Halksworth

Well Stephen and myself arrived back today in Gran Canaria. Tired, stiff and a little swollen in the legs. With bad blisters and swollen feet means a long slow walk through airports…….lucky I packed my hotel slippers! Rasmus Henning was on the same flight as us and with me in my slippers and him just wearing socks we must have looked like a pair of hobos. With $50,000 in his pocket it was probably just me looking like a hobo. When we arrived in Gran Canaria the saying “You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes” kept popping in to my head.

So Abu Dhabi was fun, as most know it wasn’t on my radar a month ago. Stephen got me a start and for that I am really grateful as it was a great experience. We got flights and a very nice hotel room so couldn’t really turn down that offer. Hopefully I get an invite next year (if anyone from the race organisers is reading this put my name down please)!

We arrived Thursday morning before the race, both a little jaded from travel. Its hard to sleep some times especially when you are excited. I think I managed an hours sleep on the plane so it was something. We checked in and went to bed to catch up on some missed sleep. Feeling a little fresher we went about our training for the day. I have to say…..I was not feeling great but in my mind i kept saying this weekend is just training. Get a solid swim and a solid bike and that will be good later on in the season. My goal for the season is to race smarter when I get the chance to race. For me that is to sit in and enjoy the swim. Not make a conscious effort to be out front. Luckily on race day Clayton Fettel was in an eager mood to race alone and he quickly put in a gap on the swim. I was sitting happily in 3rd place looking at him swim away, hard to change something you enjoy doing.

Bling cars every where!

The bike was the longest time trial I have done so was trying to sit in and enjoy the ride. Its easier said than done. With winds, age groupers, helpers in the way, bottles all over the road and people surging all the time it was difficult to stay in a rhythm. You had to focus every second of the ride. It was a pretty epic ride, a group of 15 ish riders on a 5 lane motorway for as far as the eye could see mixed in with a few cameras was exciting. The road was ours! Cycling around the Formula 1 race circuit was exciting too, you don’t realise how undulating the course is or how tight some of the corners are for the speeds that they travel at. Luckily I cant quite reach those top speeds so I travelled around safely.

At around 170km I lost touch of the group going up and over a bridge. Its amazing how quickly a group can cycle away from you. I was really annoyed with myself, came all that way to get sucked out the back with 30 km to go and a head wind to cycle in to until transition. I battled on and got to T2 hobbling off the bike. Felt awful and wasn’t sure my knee was going to hold up on to the run. Sure enough I ran through it in the first 500m and started to feel great. It was a swim bike for me so I went hard, really hard and paid for it at about 12k but like I said the run was just for training. Felt good again about 16km and finished just outside the top 10 in the strongest field I have raced in.

Pleased with my form as its early on in the season and looking forward to putting in a big block now with Stephen and Mathias. In summary, some positives and confidence taken away from a good weekend.

Oh and Happy Birthday to Stephen for today!!

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