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Challenge Aarhus

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

I made my first trip to Denmark last weekend for the half iron distance race, Challenge Aarhus. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the race because my first 2 weeks in Leysin were a bit of a struggle because I think I was still feeling the effects of doing Challenge Cairns in early June.
In the days in the lead up to the race it was unsure if the swim was going to be cancelled and the race turned into a duathlon because of the poor weather. Eventually the race organisers opted for a shortened swim of 1km and the full bike and run. The swim went to plan and I was out onto the ride towards the lead. It’s hard to believe but it’s July now and I’m still waiting on a bike from our teams “major” sponsor so I found myself in the ridiculous situation of taking on some of the better riders in the sport on a borrowed road bike with training wheels. I’m defiantly not an athlete that is overly concerned with having all the latest and greatest gear but not having a TT bike in a half ironman is just giving away a big chunk of time before the gun even goes off which is frustrating to say the least for someone in my situation who needs every single extra placing and dollar to stay alive in the sport.
On the bike I did my best to keep up with a group and limit losses and in doing so I got my first ever drafting penalty. Initially I thought stuff it, I’ll just not take the 4 min penalty in T2 and keep running to see how I could go and get disqualified after the race but when I racked my bike I thought if I take the penalty there’s still a chance I could still run up into the top 10 and get a few euros for my troubles.
I took the penalty in T2 which was the longest 4 minutes of my life and I must admit pretty embarrassing as well with a good few people watching. I did end up running ok and past a number of other blokes and finished up in 9th. So 9th is never something I’d be happy with but with a dodgy lead up, shortened swim, road bike, training wheels and a 4 minute penalty I thought it could have been worse.
I’m back in Leysin now and looking forward to a good long training block with the team before Geneva ITU points race and The Alpe d’Huez triathlon on the 24th and 27th of July.
All the best.