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Phuket 70.3

I headed to Phuket 70.3 last weekend to conclude my race calendar for 2011 and to get my 2012 Kona qualify points scoring of to a start. My last blog was after my victory at the Noosa triathlon but I actually did have a race between Noosa and Phuket, it was the ITU long course world championships in Las Vegas the week after Noosa. Vegas was a huge disappointment, just about an hour before the race I had a massive back spasm which was so extreme I could barely move or even breath. I still started the race in the hope that my back would free up but the conditions were freezing cold and the back got even worse and only 20km into the ride I pulled out. So once again I found out how quickly triathlon can bring you back to earth, one day I’m running down Noosa Parade with my hands in the air living a childhood dream and 7 days later I’m sitting on the side of the road in the desert in the absolute middle of nowhere, freezing cold and can’t move or breath properly because my back is so badly spasmed.
So my preparation was actually a bit less than ideal for Phuket with the back issues, a twisted ankle a few weeks out and then a week before the race I crashed at over 40km/h on one of the group rides here on the Sunshine Coast. The lead up to the race wasn’t great but I really needed to get a half decent result in Phuket or else I’d be on the back foot going into 2012 on the Kona points table. The swim went to plan and I just cruised along on the feet of the lead swimmer. The bike was an experience, the course twists and turn through the Thai country side, has two bridge crossings that you have to run your bike over and two hilly sections which are so steep I couldn’t believe it, then with about 30km to go on the bike it started to rain. This wasn’t normal rain, it was a torrential tropical down pour that I haven’t experienced anything of the like before. I must give a mention to Team TBB’s groupset and wheel sponsor here – Campagnolo. I’ve been ring the new Cervelo P4 for six months now and still haven’t had it serviced or even tuned up since it was built and despite the chain, cassette and cables being covered in water and road grit over the last 30km in Phuket every gear change was still absolutely perfect.
A group of about 9 of us came off the bike together, I ran the first of two laps fairly conservatively as I’d missed a lot of running over the past month and I still found myself in 4th spot. I started building it up and after 15km I was only 20 seconds behind 3rd place, good mate Paul Matthews. At this point the lack of running caught up on me and I faded pretty badly over the last 6km and I finished up in 5th place. So I still managed to get 600 Kona points and a few bucks.
It’s always good to come back home to Mooloolaba but it was made even better this time when I saw my Christmas present in the Garage, a red Sidchrome tool box. I’ve always wanted one of these, thanks Swiss.
Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

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