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What does a triathlete when she does no training…

Friday, February 25th, 2011

A few days ago I was introduced on our teamTBB webpage as the new German team member. Originally I wanted to write in my 1st blog as a team member something about my affection to triathlon and teamTBB but I think there is a more interesting story for the beginning. What is the perfect thing to forget the daily grind and to do something different to triathlon? Once I said that I love the nature and to be outside. During the last weeks I only had training in my mind but there’re things next to my profession. My husband and my little dog Laika have to get along on their own 80% of the year and before I ‘ll leave them for the next 6 weeks we wanted to do something together.  And what is better than a trip through our home nature – just with our back bag with a sleeping bag, a pot and a boiler in it. At that moment we had -3°C! Everybody said “You’re crazy” and “You can’t do it with your dog!” But we wanted to walk 80km – get your head free and enjoy life! We started in the dark and walked 11hours the 1st day: only 3 breaks where we had a roll and a little soup. Then we got tired – stopped somewhere in the forest – unpacked our sleeping bag and fell asleep. While I’m the small person in our family I had to share my bag with my dog! Oh, I felt like a sardine:-) I had the whole night her pads in my face – and added to this the great dog smell-hahaha!

The next day we started at 5am. again and it was snowing! Oh my fingers – but after a while they got warm. 5hours later we reached our destination: our parent’s home where my husband’s dad celebrated his 75th birthday. It was so great to eat such great food after 2 days with almost nothing! And everything was delicious:-)

Yeah, that’s the way I get my mind free and all the senses come back for your body while to move it in interplay with nature. You feel alive!

In 3 days I leave for Thailand and meet there all the other guys of the team and of course our doc! I already feel excited and I’m happy to fly there.