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Guardian Angel

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

During my last days in Krabi I had a kind of a guardian angel – so many „almost“-accidents in 1 bike session is hard to believe… and not because of the crazy traffic here.

My 1st angel appeared while climbing up a hill on my bike and I had to cycle really close to the grass line because a moped was passing me. Exact in this moment I realized the head of a big green snake right next to my leg – oh my heart was jumping! I looked into her eyes. Back home I had a look and it was a poisoned bamboos otter! I was really sad when I passed the same road again: she was killed by a car:-(

The 2nd situation was dangerous in another kind: here in Krabi are lots of dogs on the street and I don’t think about them and don’t estimate them. But there was a little kamikaze dog: while I was passing him with maybe 35km/hour he was jumping like a kamikaze flyer into my front wheel and was catapulted back. We both survived without any harm.

The 3rd danger was a car passing me – I already felt the draft of it! When it passed me I saw on his bed a brush cutter poked out on the left site – exactly head height. I’m pretty sure the driver forgot that he had it on his bed!!!

That’s enough flurry for 1 day – thanks to my Guardian Angel;-)

Next time you’ll hear from me is from South Africa. I’m sad that my time is almost over here in the boot camp:-( But see everybody in Leysin in a couple of weeks…

Krabi – 2nd act;-)

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Now I stay with our TeamTBB in Krabi for 3 weeks and somehow I lose every feeling for weekdays – the time is flying away… I’ve already 2 hard training blocks behind me and till the IM South Africa – which is on April 10th in Port Elisabeth – minimum 2 will follow. Even if I fall half dead in my bed every eve I recover over the night and the next day I can still stand upright;-) It’s amazing which power you can deliver even if you don’t believe that you have it! While we train 5-7 hours per day there is no time for any other things – every free minute between the sessions I use for reading, drawing and keeping contact to my family and friends;-) We had 1 change in our training life: our TeamTBB photo shooting! We got our new trisuits for this season and some of our sponsors were visiting us for getting to know us better and to see how we look in their stuff;-) It were 2 really great days – although real relaxing does look different – we jumped from one shoot to the next. But therefore the result is more than great! The best was our boot trip to the uncountable rocks and nice Thailand beaches. While only ½ of the team had to join the shoots Christian and I used the time for diving around the great riffs: it was wonderful – I’ve never seen such water world before!

From now on I stay 1 more week in Krabi – afterwards I fly straight to South Africa to my guest family who gives me my 2nd home! But at the moment I really enjoy Krabi and don’t want to leave it;-)

Boot camp in Krabi

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

A few days ago I arrived in Krabi: the famous Brett Sutton Heat Camp location! Well, it’s my 2nd time here and from the 1st stay I knew how it’s working;-) Before my 1st arrival I was so excited: what would it be like? And it was hard, harder, hardest – but it was great! This time I haven’t been that excited beforehand – I only feel lucky to be here and can do 3 weeks of hard training under the Thailand sun and control of the Doc. And that’s one reason why I’m doing triathlon: working hard, push your body to the limit and overcome new barriers. And the best thing at all is now that I can do it in our team! A few years ago I was dreaming of travelling around, learning new languages and getting to know other cultures but I would have never expected to do it like this. Sometimes wishes become true via obstacles! But what is the heat camp like? We live in a normal hotel – Thailand standard, not western European standard! There we have a little restaurant at the front where we can eat every thai food you want to eat = rice, vegetable, chicken, egg, rice…  Get up early in the morning – do the 1st session – have a little breakfast – meet the whole team at the 50m pool – have lunch – do the 3rd session – have dinner – go to bed. And all the time between I enjoy my time like I do it during the training. And when I have muse I read or draw some pics. Around our hotel is an elephant station and not far away there is a monkey pack who both welcome our team every time when we stay here – I really enjoy to watch them;-)