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My 1st podium in an Ironman

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Sorry that I’ve not written earlier in my blog but the last days were very busy after the Ironman South Africa. I left the country right after the awards ceremony and it took me 40hours to arrive at my 1st stop: fetching my dog Laika from my aunt! Oh, I was so happy to have my dog back while I haven’t seen her for almost 7 weeks. Longest time ever! This was late in the night and the next day I had to pick up my husband and his parents in Berlin which is 300km away. I decided to stay at my aunt’s house the night and wanted to get up early. When the alarm rang the 1st time I decided to close my eyes for 5 more minutes…oh my dear – when I opened them again it was 1hour later! Jumped out of my bed and into the car – 20min later my phone rang: NADA. It was perfect timing – so I had to do the doping test. Couldn’t call my husband because he has no phone! Finally I arrived 90min too late in Berlin – but luckily everybody was happy to see me;-)

Now I’m back to normal and enjoy the time with my dog and the fantastic spring in Germany. The sun is shining and we’ve 20°C.  I resume the race and after all I’m very happy with it! It was my 1st podium in an Ironman race and hopefully not my last! I don’t want to bore you with race details – it was a normal race without big mistakes. After I got out of the water on place 14th I was upset but I found my pace and could roll through the field till I reached 5th position. The last 50min I had to cycle without any drink because I lost my bottle and on the run I felt the heat in my head – it was pumping! But in the marathon I overtook Amanda and Belinda and from then on I only focused not to lose my place and it worked! I’ve never given up during this race and always believed in myself and my coaches – that’s one important reason why I got my 1st podium in such a great field! Thanks to Joseph, Brett, Alex and all our sponsors – without you I couldn’t fulfill dreams! And of course my my husband Seb  who was there before, during and after the race!

My 2nd home;-)

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

I got out of Thailand to a perfect time…the day I left we had sunshine and the hotel owner told me that they’ll have rain the upcoming days! But nobody expected a flood like this – oh my dear! Whole Krabi would be flooded only 12hours after my departure. Really felt sorry for all people there and my team mates who stay there longer than me! But I’ve had to leave because I want to do the IM South Africa on April 10th. My travel route was Krabi – Kuala Lumpur – Dubai – Johannesburg – East London and therefore I travelled 40hours with 4 airlines. You can imagine how exhausting this was – but then I thought better than to stay in a flood. I arrived well in East London without any problems and here I’m hosted gratefully. BIG THANK to family Rossouw! 3 days later my husband Sebastian and his parents arrived in East London – what happiness: I haven’t seen them for 5 weeks! Only my “little” dog Laika is missingL Here I’ve really good training conditions and the best thing is that I’ve a whole pool for my own! I’m allowed to swim in a school pool and at the moment they have holidays! What luck! So I spend the last days in East London – training hard! – before we drive to Port Elisabeth… There you’ll hear from me! Cheers Diana