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Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Since my last blog many things have happened… I travelled a lot and made almost 3 races where I underwent ups and downs of emotions. My 1st big race was the Ironman Austria. There I flew over the bike course and set a new bike record with 4:43 and at the end I finished in 8:53 and with this time I’m the 11th fastest woman in the world:-) After this race and my 3rd place I looked forward to the European Championships at the IM Frankfurt. But this day became to one of my worst races ever… Those who have followed this race maybe know that there was a big cold snap. It started to rain after 20km of cycling and the temperature felt like 5°C and I couldn’t take out my bottle and switch the gears. So I decided to drop out with tears in my eyes… I was a little bit down and knew that I need a new plan to get not that upset. Sebastian wrote me a message on Tuesday that it might be good to start at the IM UK. My 1st thought was: oh no… But then this idea kept me and I had a look on the weather. Then I booked my flight, hotel and rental car;-) So I flew on Friday to Bolton and tried to organize my 1st Ironman without any help from the side. And England wasn’t the best place for it: different start and finish point (maybe 30kms apart) and 2 transition areas (30kms apart, too) and the best: there were no signs! When you were in Bolton it didn’t look like having an Ironman there! But I love such challenging things – even if they don’t have to be before an Ironman;-)

The race itself was fantastic and almost a storybook race till 20mins before the finish. I was 2nd woman out of water with 53mins – but had therefore a very bad transition: I couldn’t get my shoes on and had to stop and fix it. Then I was on 3rd position. But on the bike I tried to go hard and could take over the 1st position after 30kms. From then on I didn’t give it away till the marathon. I leaded till kilometer 37 and then Kristin Möller were passing me like a rocket although I run a 3:02 marathon but it didn’t help. I knew that the 3rd woman was far behind me and only tried to get to the finish line and claimed my first 2nd place in an Ironman and set a new bike record on this difficult course again.

Now I have a slowly week and a cold:-( I prepare myself for the long distance cologne226 in September.  I have my qualification for Hawaii but Brett and myself decided not to go there but it’s always good to have the choice;-)

Foto:Ingo Kutsche