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Long long time ago…

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

… when I wrote my last blog here on our webpage. I’m really sorry for that but I had personal reasons for the delay which aren’t that great. But that’s not the time to talk about it. Fact is that there were big changes in my life. I tried to put my family life together with the triathlon but it wasn’t that successful. Therefore I had some really great results in some races. After I had to quit the Ironman Frankfurt because of the weather I went to England and got 2nd after a really tough and thrilling race because I was in the lead till 5k’s before the finish line. But that’s the sport. Then I went back to Leysin to prepare for the next Ironman distance in Germany: the cologne226 which was the German championship to the same time. Before the race I was almost going crazy because I weren’t able to run and had to stop run training 10 days before the race. Every morning when I woke up I felt a terrible pain in my foot. Till the day before the race I thought I won’t be able to run the marathon. But then the race day came and like a wonder I felt no pain any more… You can’t imagine how happy little Diana was!!! I knew that I had a lack in running therefore I gave everything on the bike and cycled 4:50 which was 5mins faster than last year. The 1st half-marathon was pretty good but then I felt the hammer on the last 10k’s… Luckily I could manage to hold the gap to the 2nd woman and won cologne226 and got German Champion on the long distance like my team mate Georg;-)

After the race I needed a break – not because of the training and races but it was too much over the last 6 months in my life which I had to organize somehow. After a few weeks of organizing and 5 days of hiking through the beautiful landscape in the Alps while sleeping on 2000meters I’m ready to start again with the training and looking forward to upcoming races!!!